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Birds can also be trained to follow people like puppies and cats according to the breed. We recommend birds of ideal nature to beginners who first nurture birds.

▲ off (source = Flickr)

1. Remove

It is easy to take care of naked, and learns the contents of training quickly and easily. I do not have any boredom, especially because I can learn to speak. It is small and cute, and grows up to 18cm when it is raised.

There are also hybrids, usually green, but blue or white. Feeds include seeds, solid feed, and fresh fruit. It is good to feed leaves. It is important to feed healthy nutrients evenly in the case of small birds like naked.

▲ crown parrot (Source: Pixar Bay)

2. Crown Cockatoo

Clown parrots do not need as much space as ordinary parrots, so it is good to raise them as household pets. He is well-informed, and he digs well with his master's shoulders. It can also mimic the sound of a home appliance, such as a buzzer or a telephone ring. But if you expect to speak, you can be disappointed.

Wild crown parrots live in Australia. This creature is excellent in breeding in the wild, and it turns to the air and goes down to the ground to find food.

When crown parrots are raised, it is advisable to install several perches in the cage and put various toys. The cage should be wide enough to flap its wings. Because some crown parrots are light in intensity, it is a good idea to turn on the lights all night to calm the sleepy birds.

3. Cocatu

Kokatu has an outgoing and affectionate personality. Kokatu wants to spend a lot of time next to his master, and he gets depressed if he is not interested. After a lot of time alone, stressed Cocatu shows himself pulling his hair.

Kokatu was big and beautiful in appearance. The biggest attraction is that it has a yellow crown on its head and elegant white feathers. Cocatu can grow up to 70 cm, but there are also small parrot species like the Gopin parrot.

Before going out, you should have time to play with Kokatu. Otherwise, it shows destructive behavior. It is good to put a soft wooden material toy, tree branch and rope toy which does not have a sun to eat because Cokatu bites or breaks a prominent thing.

4. Glassy Parrot

Glass parrots are small enough to fit in your pocket. If you are a pet owner, you should spend considerable time together.

Glass parrots can learn a few words. Of course, the process of teaching horses requires considerable patience. If the owner takes care, he can live for up to 20 years. It is important that you exercise enough to keep your glass of pigs healthy.

▲ Hyacinth Mako (source = Flickr)

5. Hyacinth Mako

If you want a bird you can be interested in, Hyacinth Maco is your best choice. This bird is quite large in size, but has a friendly personality.

The charm of the hyacinth mako is bright blue feathers that look and feel just relaxed. A few yellow spots appear around the eyes and beaks. Hyacinth mako grows low or grows big and cries. They need enough room to spread their wings and should be able to play at least one or two hours a day. So it is good to put a large toy in the cage that can be bite off using a beak and chin.

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