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Carly Sueyer Beldra believed that a female Black Labrador Retriever Mix dog, Abby, would remember his master even if he had been away for 10 years. Actually, Abby remembered her as soon as she met her again.

When Carly's family lost their puppy Abel in Apollo, Pennsylvania, Carly was 12 years old. Since then, Carly and his family have made every effort to find Abby again.

I could not find her. She wanted her to live in a good place.

Fortunately, however, thanks to Microchip in Abby's body, ten years later, Carly and his family were able to meet Abby again. Abby was found at an animal shelter and a shelter official called Carly's house.

Carly, who had been informed by her mother, immediately went to the animal shelter.

Carly believed Abby would remember herself and Abby thought if she were a person she would tell you in detail what had happened.

Dog memory

The dog can remember the trained contents or the dreadful experiences of dogs. There are long-term memory and short-term memory, which are different from human memory structures.

Humans remember both positive and negative memories with clear images. But the dog sets memories around things.

Young puppies are curious and approach various objects and smell. But when a big thing suddenly moves, the puppy freaks out. And I remember that thing as scary. So most dogs are afraid of cleaners.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

The dog places importance on the present. So, even if a person scolds the wrong behavior of a dog, the dog feels terrible about his master being angry because he can not relate his past behavior to a disturbing situation. Also, if the puppy has been defecated in a place other than the designated place, take the puppy to the place and take the smell and the puppy will feel fear.

Let's go back to Carly and Abby's story. Because the dog has a good sense of smell and the ability to remember the smell, Abby was able to remember Carly even if she was a child when she broke up.

A dog remembers a person's appearance and voice within a week.

These memories are deeply embedded in the minds of dogs.

Black Labrador Retriever

According to the Labrador Retriever website, the most common occurrence in the Labrador Retriever species is black. From a genetic point of view, it is predominantly black rather than yellow or chocolate.

This is true of other breeds. Black genes are predominant over yellow or brown genes.

Labrador retrievers without a black gene are more likely to be born chocolate, and yellow without a black or brown gene.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Features of Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a loving, enthusiastic and energetic friend, regardless of the search.

The Labrador Retriever was originally the one who brought the ducks, rabbits, and other prey back to the hunter.

Therefore, the intelligence is high, the physique is good, and it is strong. Labrador retriever individuals that are breed in the UK may have larger heads and chests than other species.

The Labrador retrievers, raised with Shodhorn or puppy dogs, are slowly mature and playful. And there is less tendency to track wildlife.

Labrador Retriever is active in search and rescue dogs, dogs, drug detectors, guide dogs, and service dogs.

For example, when the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States and Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, numerous Labrador retrievers helped humans.

There are also Labrador Retrievers who know their name because of their master's reputation.

Connie, once trained in search and detection dogs, is a puppy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The puppies connies were adopted by numerous national leaders.

There is also a children's storybook about Connie's adventure.

Adopt Labrador Retriever

Before you adopt a Labrador Retriever, you should consider which search dog you will adopt. In general, the Black Labrador Retriever needs more physical and mental activity compared to other searches. These activities include not only mere exercises, but also training, instruction, and task assignment.

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