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[Issue] Unique pet, raise snowflake

(Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Gomi is famous for its boldness and timelessness as a fish in the eel, neck, bear, dentist, but the snowflake gorilla is a subtle and easy-to-handle pet.

Snowflake gill is inhabited in the Indo-Pacific, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Hawaii. It is one of more than 120 species of bear dental fish and features a snowflake-like white spotted pattern.

The snowflake ginseng has no chest and dorsal fin, so it is as smooth as a snake. It secretes mucus from the skin and swims. Because there are small gills on both sides of the mouth and live in seawater, you need to prepare a seawater tank to grow snowflake gulls.

(Source = Flickr)

At least 280 liters of water tanks are needed to grow snowflake bears. It is better to put about 7cm of sand on the floor, and to put decorations that snowflake gomi can hide.

A salinity meter, a thermometer, a water motor and a skimmer are installed inside the water tank. A good filtration system is essential because the snowflake is a relatively dirty fish. It is a nocturnal hiding in the daytime and eating meals in the evening. Be sure to put the lid on the water tank because there is a danger of it falling off the water tank.

The pH of the aquarium should be between 8.1 and 8.4, and be aware that minor changes in pH will cause significant stress on the sea urchin. The salinity is in the range of 1.022 to 1.025, and the water temperature is maintained between 23 and 27 degrees Celsius.

(Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Wild snowflake crabs eat crustaceans, but if you grow them in aquarium, you can feed fresh or frozen fish, mussels, squid, shellfish, shrimp, scallops and more. Usually 2 to 3 times a week, when the snowflake gomi activity in the evening, give food. The young snowflake must feed more often. However, freshwater fish (freshwater fish) such as goldfish should not be fed. Snowflake is a risk of causing liver disease.

Snowflies are not good eyesight, but the smell is so sensitive that they can easily find food. Use tweezers or forceps when feeding. Basically snowflake gonads are gentle, but when you eat your food, be careful because it can cause wild gonorrhea. Otherwise, you can bite your fingers. As described above, snowflake cannibalism can be dangerous because it can eat crustaceans, so it is strong enough to tear the hard shell, so it is dangerous to snap.

Snowflies and other fish should not be raised in the same tank. Snowflake is thought to feed on other fish and eat it. Coral reefs, stones, marine invertebrates, etc. can be raised with snowflake gorilla. If you are planning to grow several snowflake hogs at once, choose objects of similar size. If there is a difference in size, a large snowflake gill can eat a small snowflake gill. Fishes that can be raised with snowflake are also aggressive and strong, such as blowfish, ratchet, and shark.

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