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[Parenting] Adverse effects on TV, game machines and school records in the children’s room


Research shows that placing a TV or video game in a child's room negatively affects learning as well as sleeping habits, as well as learning. Iowa State University researchers have followed up for six months to two years and found that children who have TV or video games in their bedrooms enjoy more violent TV shows or games.

In addition, these children were generally low on school records, and had a higher risk of falling into obesity or game addiction, PsychCentral, an online mental health magazine, reported. Douglas Gentil, who led the study, said that the location of these electronic devices is important and that most parents did not fully understand how their children are doing after the visit. "It is not easy for parents to watch TV because their children watch TV as a private property and watch them freely," said Professor.

I also advised that I should not put TV in my child's room in the first place because it is not easy to get rid of it once I put TV in my child's room. Professor Gentil emphasized that one of the prone to addiction is "accessibility" and that children should not be allowed access to TV and video games in the first place.

Video game rating systems experts stressed that a rating system should be used to prevent the adverse effects of video games. In addition, parents advised that they should know that there is a rating system for video games they enjoy. In the United States, it operates a three-level rating system, consisting of all ages, teens, and adults. Leslie Wilson, a manager at GameStop, a video game store in Missouri, said many parents visiting game stores are not familiar with the game's rating system. He also said that games do not adversely affect the game as well as movies. Dylan Hugh, adviser to GameStop, advised that the back of the video game should always be checked on the back of the wrapping, not the gorgeous graphics of the game.

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