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[Issue] US researchers study genetics on health of dogs

Source: Pixar Bay

A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the University of Cambridge are conducting a study called "Darwin's Dogs." The researchers are studying human and dog behavior and health, and are working on how dog genetics can affect puppy behavior and change puppies.

The researchers are exploring and exploring the genes of canines, encouraging puppy owners to participate in research. Eleanor Carlson, a senior researcher and assistant professor in biometrics and integrated biology, said more than 14,700 dogs participated in the study. "From a scientific point of view, dogs have a huge range of behavior," Carlson said.

She thinks that this diversity of behavior is associated with each gene. So it is very helpful to participate in the research by the dog owner who knows the behavior of the dog. They know precisely the behavioral changes of various environmental conditions and provide more reliable data than those obtained in the laboratory environment.

The researchers also analyzed the dog's genes, explaining why dogs suffer from mental illness, food allergy and cognitive dysfunction. As the research on these diseases progresses smoothly, we will continue to focus on cancer. The team is working with animal behavior experts from the International Animal Friendship Consultants Association.

Many volunteers participated in the research through their website. This website has a questionnaire that can be answered by the puppy owner to match the breed of the puppy. The kit can also be used to collect samples of dog saliva. The researchers publish information on research, blogs written by researchers, and community forum discussions on the website.

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