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Dogs and cats are the preferred pets, but in recent years the number of people who grow exotic animals as pets worldwide has surged. From spiders and scorpions to lizards, more and more people are attracted to unfamiliar animals and insects.

Demand for exotic animals has surged, and illegal transactions are increasing on the Internet. According to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund, at least 5,000 advertisements of endangered animal trade on the online market and social media platforms are available. But it is not only illegal transactions.

The 'Sugar Glider', an exotic animal originating in Papua New Guinea and Australia, is now available from animal shelters, pet stores and even professional breeders. This animal is legally owned as a domestic pet, but there is room to consider whether it is actually a catch.

What about Sugar Gliders in the wild?

Sugar gliders are small animals with similar appearance to flying squirrels, but they are actually related to kangaroos. Sugar gliders, a Jewish animal, have pockets that can raise their young like a kangaroo.

Sugar gliders in the wild make large groups and glide from one place to another using wrinkles on their arms. This creature is highly sociable, and there is a lot of interaction in the crowd. Also, it is a wild animal, so it sleeps in the morning and it mainly works at night. When a glider does not glide from a tree to a tree, it goes up and down the tree and looks for food like a squirrel.

Captured sugar glider

As a pet, the charm of a Sugar glider is its small size, big eyes and lovely personality. Sugar glider trading is especially regarded as being legitimate and has become popular.

However, according to PETA, the animal was actually raised in a facility similar to the puppy factory until the sugar glider showed up at a pet store or animal shelter. The dog factory is a controversial breeding facility that is known to cross animals in an inhumane way.

Sugar gliders as pets

Sugar Gliders One of the common mistakes guardians make is that they do not notice what sugar gliders want. Because of this, a large number of sugar gliders are being thrown into shelters.

It is important to remember that sugar gliders are difficult to maintain because they require long-term protection, special feeding, and much attention.

Sugar gliders can live up to 14 years. During this time, the owner must create a wild-like environment so that the sugar glider can be happy.

Sugar gliders are also social animals. I like to be sympathetic and interested because many birds live together innately. Therefore, if you only have one sugar glider, it is easy to get depressed.

Sugar gliders are cheerful, playful, and make a sound when they live with other Sugar Gliders. The sound of sugar gliders is a way to convey their feelings to their owners. In addition, the owner must pay special attention to raising sugar gliders. This concern is to carry the Sugar Glider in a pouch of shirt pocket or cloth from the touch of a hand.

Sugar gliders, are they good for pets?

If you can spend a long time with a Sugar glider, these can be good companions in your home. At least one pair of Sugar Gliders must be raised together, and a large environment must be provided to feed a special diet and move freely.

Sugar gliders, however, are not suitable for families with young children. Sugar gliders are nocturnal animals, so they want a quiet environment in the morning and become active at night.

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