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Sleep is one of the most important habits for children who are growing and growing. However, experiencing sleep deprivation can lead to changes in behavior or emotions, and it can be physically and emotionally impactful in the long run. Unfortunately, due to the rapid technological advancement, modern people are suffering from a lack of sleep due to technology, from children to adults.

Technology has undergone many changes and continues to evolve and evolve. The human aspiration to make everything as easy and convenient as possible has made a huge leap, especially in recent years. Everyday and work-related work, from cooking to washing, to work, is already undergoing digitization, and these developments can actually help but negatively affect the health. Technological advances, especially to young children, can have a greater impact.

The effect of sleep deprivation

Children need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Sufficient sleep is also an important factor in improving immunity to various diseases and health conditions. However, for children who take their handsets and tablets and spend their time on the screen, the idea of ​​taking sleep even when lying in bed can become a secondary problem. As you are familiar with, the Dodge Fleece provides sleeping comfort to most people and allows them to have a tired morning the next day. These negative effects are all from adults who are obsessed with social media to children who enjoy addictive games.

According to a survey conducted by the CSMott Children's Hospital, about 43% of parents said that children or teenagers had difficulty getting their children to sleep at night and get up in the morning. Of course, sleep disturbances also account for stresses and illnesses, but except for these areas, the excessive influence of digital devices should not be ignored.

In fact, many young children spend most of their day consuming digital devices. And these addictive habits can lead to bedtime after bedtime. When you are using a digital device, the time to move to bed is delayed, and the next morning, it is hard to feel fatigue due to lack of sleep.

And those who are already addicted to digital devices are at a stage of losing outdoor activities, such as sports and social activities. The blue light emitted from the device can also affect the body's clockwork, which makes it more difficult to sleep at night because it reduces the body's melatonin secretion. This can cause considerable difficulty in making sleep on time. For kids, using a digital device at night is like drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee.

Efforts to fall asleep properly

Many parents should be able to try to ensure that the child gets the right sleep on time. If you can not avoid the use of digital equipment, it is advisable to install a filter that filters out blue light so that it emits less blue light at night. It is also necessary for parents to limit and manage the time they spend on their smartphones and tablets. So that the device can be used only at a specific time.

You should also ensure that your child does not see movies or dramas that are too violent or scary. Because the content can affect sleep, children can have a nightmare and can interfere with proper sleep patterns.

It is imperative that you set your child's bedtime and make rules to follow. Sleep patterns can be affected when a child spends more time on a digital device than doing other necessary activities such as school assignments, study, and reading. Some schools show a passionate attitude toward the child's sleep patterns as much as they can give a small amount of homework for the quality of their sleep.

Of course, lying in bed does not mean sleeping right away. The important thing is the quality of sleep. Parents should make every effort to create the right environment for the child to take good sleep and to limit the use of digital devices.

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