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[Parenting] Nemo’s father can become a mother and mate with her child

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Unlike the popular anime "Finding Nemo", Nemo's dad Marlin will not stay as a 'dad.'

A recent study by two university colleges in Paris found that male clownfish can turn into female clownfish after mating. The reason for sexual intercourse is to guard and raise the young.

"Female clownfish are aggressive to predators and keep habitat for sea anemones," said Dr. Susanne Mills, a biennial of the 1,000-year-old French laboratory.

"If a female is eaten or dies, the male, or daddy clownfish, changes sex and becomes a female," Mills said.

A clownfish couple takes care of their eggs by moving their fins in the sea anemone, bringing in fresh air, and raising them in the form of a female standing outside the sentry.

Clownfish are called anemone fish because they live mainly in anemones, and they are very aggressive to predators.

"The Clownfish couple need each other to survive and breed, defending habitat for sea anemones in their own way," said Ricardo Belladard, a marine biologist at the French National Science Center.

However, if female clownfish die, male clownfish should be responsible for the family alone.

It takes several weeks for a male clownfish to change sex to a female, and mating with a young male clownfish when sex changes. Nomo's dad may have mated with Nemo later, although he does not know the anticipation of destroying it.

The results of this study were presented at the 50th anniversary symposium of the British Ocean Society at the Exeter University in England from July 3 to 7.

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