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Sometimes parents make mistakes in the process of admonishing a child. It is because parents do not know how to lead a child. Sometimes they treat their children too harshly and sometimes they are overly concerned. Either way, the results are different from those of the target.

Rendering in public places

You should not hurt your child when others are watching. When you discipline your child in an open space, your child will focus on your nerves as "who is seeing what you are doing?" In the end, your instruction is ineffective. You should find a space where you can talk with your child only, such as in a car or a park bench.

If you do not find the right space, you should give your child a brief attention to their behavior and tell them that they will go home and talk later. And do not forget the promise. When you get home, let's talk about your child's behavior.


As an adult and a parent, sometimes you have a situation that you want to avoid with a lie. But if you lie to your child, the wavelength can grow. If you make a false promise to let your child hear you, the level of trust your child has in you is lowered and naturally your esteem is also lowered. If you continue to lie to your child and keep your promise to your child, like a shepherd boy who keeps telling you that the wolf has come, you will not believe your child if you tell the truth later.

Vague instruction

Children listen to their parents and do what they say. So if you do not tell exactly what you want, your child will do it for the right result and ignore your instructions. It is very likely that your child will ignore your words, especially if you speak to your child in a negative way. Let's say exactly what the children should do. Instead of saying "Do not throw your bag on the floor," you should say, "The bag should hang on the hanger."

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Compensate for quick results

Rewarding something to get the desired result for your child is only a temporary transaction. Such a "bribe" would make it easier for a child to act badly because he thinks he is superior. Parents take care of themselves and they say, "If you do not act, I will give you a present." So it is not good to compensate your child immediately to get what you want quickly. On the other hand, children have to learn for themselves what is the right behavior. Standing in line and waiting patiently, not fighting with your brother, let's not reward you for what you ought to do.

Limit of patience

It takes patience, patience, and patience when taking care of a child. Adults should not be screaming first of their patience. As soon as you yell at a child, your child feels terrified that you are screaming rather than focusing on what you are saying. If you properly discipline your child's mistakes and wish your child to learn something, you should maintain a calm tone.

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Continue speaking

Few people like long, long lectures. Especially children do not like endless conversations. To praise a child for a good thing or point out a child's mistake, you should briefly explain it. If you think your children have heard enough, you will not focus on the conversation any longer and forget what you said. Briefly describe your child's mistakes, and give them a clear idea why you should not do it again. Short and accurate discipline is more effective than nagging for 5 minutes.

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