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[Parenting] Soil helps raise children’s immunity

Photo: Wikimedia

Jilbert Gilbert, a scientist who studies the microbial ecosystem at the University of Chicago, says yes to years of questions about whether children can be exposed to soil or germs.

He went one step further and insisted that it would be more beneficial for children if exposed to soil or foreign matter,

Parents can lick their nipples off the street and put them back in their mouths.

A study of 300,000 children showed that parents gave their children licking rubber nipples to give children less allergies, asthma, and eczema, and were found to be healthier.

Gilbert wrote in his book that parents were over-sterilized. Parents do not let their children play in dirty areas. Once the child is playing in the mud, the parents will wash their hands with a disinfectant so they will not bury their faces.

It is also good for children to go near animals. However, it is okay if the child is playing with the dog and the dog licks the child's face. This improves the child's immune system.

It is essential to wash children's hands during a cold or flu season, but it is better to wash them with warm soap than hand disinfectants. There is also no 5 second rule. The pathogens are transferred to the dropped rubber nipples in milliseconds. As mentioned earlier, it is better to lick the nipple and put it in the child's mouth.

Gilbert warned that if you do not play in the dirt, the immune system can overreact and cause an allergic reaction.

There is a soldier cell called neutrophil in the body. This cell detects external cells entering the body. When foreign cells come in, these cells cause inflammation. It also causes asthma, eczema and food allergies.

Gilbert is also good at making his children exposed to dirt. Parents should allow their children to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit. If your child is vaccinated, he or she insists that you do not need to be very alert.

Based on these studies, Gilbert co-authored a book titled "Dirt Is Good" that germs can help strengthen the child's immune system.

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