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[Parenting] Discovering a tower made of human skulls in Mexico

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

In Mexico, more than 650 skulls and thousands of bone sculptures were found under the Mayor Temple, one of the main temples of the ancient Aztec capital, Tenotitlan.

The discovery left a new question on the origin of the consciousness of sacrificing human beings that had been done in the ancient Aztec empire.

The skull tower is said to be part of the 'Huey Tzompantli' which was designed to give fear when the Spanish conquerors under Hernan Cortez occupy the city.

With a diameter of about six meters, the skeleton tower occupies one corner of a temple dedicated to the Aztec god 'Huitzilopochtli' who presides over the sun, war and human sacrifices.

However, this unprecedentedly large skeleton was not built only by the skulls of male warriors of other tribes defeated by the Aztec empire. Among the skulls that make up the tower were women and children.

Rodrigo Bolanos, one of the biological anthropologists who examined the skeleton, said, "We thought there would be only a skull of young men who were originally warriors. Women and children, the masters of the skulls that we discovered, are not those who have been captured on the battlefield. "

Raul Barrera, one of the archaeologists surveyed at the site of the excavation near the site of the huge capital city temple, said archaeologists saw the skull tower as a huge building testifying that Andres de Tapia had witnessed during the Mexican occupation .

Andres de Tapia was a Spanish soldier who, along with Cortez in 1521, took part in the occupation. Detaifa later testified that he had seen hundreds of thousands of skeletons in buildings known as 'Huey Tzompantli'.

These blood-conscious ceremonies, which require human sacrifice, are common in the Aztec empire and those living in central US.

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