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Nowadays, children's generation, which benefits greatly from technology, has become so important that social media and the use of the Internet take up the majority of the day. Some of its functions are also a fundamental source of everyday life, for example, liaising with friends and relatives who are far away, and frequent communication with parents.

Despite these benefits, however, there are side effects from technology. According to Christie Spears Brown, a professor of psychology at the University of Kentucky, and Irisa Salomon, a Ph.D. student, the biggest issue of this side effect is her self. They conducted a study on the effects of social media use among teenagers and found out the result of the social syndrome.

"Social media is involved in assessing what people look like," Brown said. "It makes people decide how they think about their bodies." In fact, according to previous studies, many middle school girls were not satisfied with their body images. And I spend a lot of time looking at the objects of appearance and sexual merchandising that are drawn from various media.

The role of the parent here can be the most important. Recognizing that social media may not be helpful to children, it is desirable to limit children to such negative exposure and help them to establish the right values.

A cellar generation

Nowadays, the cellphone generation tries to open up its image through the Internet and try to get better evaluation from others. I upload and share my photos on social media, which is usually the most common among teenagers. They even spend a lot of time each day posting their photos on Facebook or Instagram. On the surface, this behavior may seem like no problem, but it can have a big negative impact on children who pay more attention to some appearances.

Because it is influenced by others' subjective evaluations of their own photos, they associate positive responses to their posts, such as likes and hearts, with their appearance. On the other hand, when a negative comment or response is posted on his / her post, he / she feels his / her own value as being unloved.

As a result, to get a response that others look good and look better, it is a bad idea to take more self photos and upload the best ones. This tendency is particularly detrimental to adolescents suffering from a mental health condition for their appearance.

Signs that your child is taking a lot of self-care

According to a survey conducted by Professor Brown and Salomon, teenagers may be vulnerable to these self-inflicted influences by constantly experiencing physical, social, and psychological changes in their daily lives. It focuses more on other people's thoughts than on self-esteem about their own values. This developmental change is one of the reasons why adolescents generate more negative body image and mental state.

This aka the elderly generation believes that self-confidence and self-esteem will increase as more self-images are taken. However, there are many potential risks that can be overlooked. For example, it can harm people who have negative perceptions. In fact, many similar cases have been reported worldwide.

Parents should remind them that social media is highly relevant to their children and can affect them in some way. Here are some signals that show your child taking so often.

1. If your child's self-worth is related to social media activity: This signal means that parents should limit their children's exposure to social media. With the tendency to rely on others for their value as they are exposed to the Internet on a daily basis, parents should be taught to feel themselves about who they are rather than the presence of social media.

2. If your child is missing a real life: If you focus too much on virtual online rather than real life, you can gradually forget about your role in real life. It is a good idea to have a genuine interaction with people around you so that you can learn the value of socialization.

3. If it seems to be addicted to a smartphone: Many young people feel social media as a boost in their lives, but if they become overdone, the problem can grow. In the end, it depends on the smartphone and becomes addicted, and it consumes the majority of the time only on the smartphone.


Self-centered teens are one of the ways to express themselves. However, if this activity is too much, it can have negative consequences. It is important to teach them to know immediately what is inappropriate and what is appropriate. It is also desirable to provide a sufficient comprehension of the side effects of the self-care.

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