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It is the parents' responsibility to nurture and protect their children, but there are many who find it difficult to do so when they are in their teens. Some parents say that their teenager is no longer listening. They complain that when their children come home they go into their rooms without having to face their eyes and close or lock them.

How then can a teenager open their minds and talk to their parents in an open-ended conversation?

Respect your child's struggle for independence

It is part of the natural growth process that teenagers want to be alone. At this time, if parents set a line, the child has no choice but to push it out. Therefore, in order for your child to grow up to be an independent adult, you should respect your child's behavior and your parents should only intervene so as to keep your child safe.

For example, if a teenager does not clutter a room or do homework, first consider what kind of work the parents need to involve and what they do not need.

Provide opportunities for self-expression

Provide time and opportunity for teenagers to express themselves. For example, sit face-to-face with your child and just listen to your child's story. If your parents are patient and open to your child's words, your teen can be more honest about telling their feelings. During the dialogue, parents can present directions to their children.

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Balancing Independence and Responsibility As a parent, what you need to do is tell your teenager to balance their independence and responsibility. I can not do anything with the desire to be independent. Teenagers can be recognized for their independence if they develop responsibility for themselves.

Prepare to accept difficult topics

Parents should be prepared not to be embarrassed or afraid of their teenage children talking about a topic. Parents should also be prepared to reveal their weaknesses. Children see this behavior when they see their parents' behavior, attitude, and tone. So if the parents participate in dialogue without sacrificing any topic conversation, they trust their parents and share their thoughts.

Let your child take responsibility and your parents back

As opposed to helicopter parents involved in every move of a child, in some ways it is necessary to show idleness. Parents should raise their children as adults who are ready to leave the world alone. Therefore, you should let your child solve the problems that come to your life. Parents are stepping back in one footprint. They also acknowledge and accept the imperfect part of their child.

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Parents must follow the scientist's way of thinking. I always ask open questions. That way, your teenager can be honest about what you think. I also worry about which communication method teenagers prefer. If your child prefers to talk when they are having dinner, driving together, cooking, or in a quiet environment without interruption, create an environment and start a conversation.

Growth is difficult, but it is not easy to give directions to growing children. At some point in life, adolescents experience uncertainty, anxiety, and doubts. It also shows a constant quest for exploration. But if you feel that your parents love and support you, your relationship with them will improve.

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