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Traveling with a child on a plane is not an easy task. Children who are not yet immature and do not know the rules to be kept up can get excited or overactive and frown.

The role of parents who travel together is very important. Being fully responsible for your child during the flight, you should be aware of the importance of travel etiquette and take care of your child in a safe and secure manner so that your child can act appropriately without being rude.

Make simple rules to follow when traveling with your child.

1. Overall management responsibility

When you fly in a long, steep and cramped space for a long time, the child's care is of utmost importance. The most basic responsibilities that a parent has to do is to keep an eye on his or her child and to prevent behavior that interferes with others and not to make the child bored with other activities or interests. On the contrary, it is not right to yell or exhort a child to a loud voice. Also, it is not desirable to leave your child alone and focus on other digital devices or your own work.

2. Make sure your flight is as late as possible

When flying with your child, it is best to board the last flight. If you go into an early vacancy early, the child will be able to overdo it without concealing the excitement that he is now on the plane. This is also a source of passengers coming in from behind. If you are all seated right in front of your passengers, your child can be calmed down as well.

3. Same class seating

It is not good for parents to sit separately from their children. Keep in mind that your child has a management obligation and you must make arrangements to sit together in the same classroom. It is also not right to let the crew or other passengers curse or let them help the child. In addition, children should be able to tell each other by their parents because they do not know what to do and what to do, such as making headphones louder, touching an elbow with a neighbor, or overturning the chair excessively.

4. Sit side by side

The best thing is to make a reservation to sit side by side with your parents. If you sit away from your child and try to communicate from afar, it can interfere with your next passenger because you have to get up frequently in your seat.

5. Teaching Space Concepts

Make sure that your child clearly recognizes the boundaries of his / her sitting space and the space that he / she should share with others. For example, you should avoid constantly touching the button that places the chair backwards, or spreading the limbs all the way to the area of ​​another person. Instead, encourage entertaining entertainment activities that your child can focus on, or have drinks and snacks to keep your child from doing anything else.

6. Prepare a device for leisure

A tablet is one of the devices that you can play with your child, so be prepared to have fun with your game or other play related activities. Also, when you use your tablet, plug in your headphones or earphones in advance so that the sound does not leak out. If you do not need sound and can enjoy the game enough, it is good to turn off the sound completely.

7. Prevention of departure

It is safest to sit calmly in your own seats, where the child is able, and that does not interfere with other passengers. However, if a child does not feel comfortable or wants to exercise for a while, it is good to stay in a temporary space without passengers. However, it is necessary to refrain from returning from the place and returning at will.

8. Proper helping hand

However, it is wise to be assisted by a crew or a passenger if the work has increased to such an extent that you can not take care of your child alone, or if you are in urgent need of someone else's help. However, it can be an example to ask for help to passengers who are forced to sit still. To prevent this from happening, it is important to manage your child first.

9. Do not drink alcohol.

Recognize that only children are not the main culprits in the plane. Sometimes I drink alcohol too much, and I see some people who are drunk. If you look at these people, it is a good idea to notify the crew immediately and prevent a bigger accident. Parents should also focus on the child and not drink alcohol.

10. Always do your best

Children are really unpredictable beings. Parents do not know how to express excitement outside of their home. Always focus your eyes on your child is the best way to fly so that you do not disturb your children's imagination and do not offend other passengers.

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