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Being a parent and mother is one of the most difficult roles all women have in life. Regardless of the situation, caring for someone else is really selfless, unconditional love itself. In addition, if you are in a situation where you are totally responsible for your child alone without a husband, this is a very difficult and difficult task. As well as nurturing, the social point of view of single mother or single mom is still full of prejudices and prejudices. I prepared practical advice for all single mothers on Earth.

11 tips for single mothers

1. Locate your community and ask for help

Independence may have been developed in situations where you have to deal with everything alone, but still isolation and loneliness will be hard to overcome. It should be clear to clearly distinguish between situations in which you have to work alone and situations in which you need help from others, and be open to getting help from your nearest acquaintances or family members at any time. You can make time with your old friends, colleagues, family members, listen to the story you want to have as a parent, and the stories of others.

If you do not have people close to you, it is also desirable to communicate with all the unwanted mothers on the planet via the Internet. It's a good idea to find a community with similar situations through social media like Facebook and get the information and resources you need at any time.

And if you have established a trustworthy friendship with anyone, you should not hesitate to ask for help. Asking for help does not mean that you are incompetent. It is important to note that the community itself is also aimed at helping people in similar situations.

2. Let's get out of the past

In order to lead the situation that is now ahead of him and to move forward, he must escape from the past that had been bothering him. If it is not possible to escape, it is important to associate all the memories of the past with peace, and to have a mind that no one in the past can dominate his or her current life. Life is a continuation of hardship, adversity, and difficulty. You can not change the past now, but it is desirable to realize that past events have made you stronger now. Let's keep in mind that humans live in the present and have hope for the future.

3. Plan and Goal

Repetition of everyday life can make you feel like a robot. But setting your own goals, and devoting yourself to improvements and efforts to achieve them can be a fresh wind to these boring routines. Goals and plans do not have to be macroscopic. To practice oneself one by one, such as fitness, reading, or traveling, that you wanted to enjoy. It is a good idea to establish a realistic plan in your workplace after establishing your leadership, promotion, degree or other career goals. And slowly, you do not have to stick to your success so you can take the time to go towards your goal. You can achieve more goals and achievements by trusting and steadily advancing your own plans and processes.

4. Find the role model

The best way to excel in life is to find a great roll model. This role model should be a good example of your life or career, and you can realize and practice how to achieve your own goals through the role model. In particular, it is important to find a role model that can sufficiently meet your encouragement. Having your own role model is a great help in overcoming difficulties and maintaining a positive attitude.

5. Priority clearly

The highest priority in your life after your child is born needs to be adjusted again. Once a parent is responsible for taking care of all children, it is important to set reasonable priorities for their own liking. Besides, you can not do the same things well at work and at home. You should be able to clearly classify where you can go and what you can do, and what you can not do alone. And it is wise to keep the things that are basic and urgent and able to do well as top priority. It is important not to compare yourself with others, but to do everything you can.

▲ Technology is required to reorganize the priorities given to them with organizational and flexibility (Source: Pixar Bay)

6. I need time for me

It is not good to lose your happiness and satisfaction because you are sold out at home and at work. It is encouraged that you have the opportunity to provide yourself with a rest for such a short period of time. It is very important to leave the children to trusted and dependable people and to have time for themselves for a while. Let's enjoy these times through leisure activities, hobbies, or trips.

7. Organizational and planned life

As an unwed mothers, there are too many things to do, but it is difficult to keep everything going smoothly. Ideally, we should develop good organizational skills and work efficiently. Let's do everything we can for ourselves at any time, with careful and detailed management of social and school activities for children, self-serving meals and shopping, and other jobs related to the workplace.

8. Exercise flexibility

Beyond prepared and organized systems, flexibility should also be good. Since it is not always the case that everything is going smoothly, it is a good idea to have an emergency plan so that you can be prepared for the unexpected. By creating a list of things you can do when you have an emergency, or when you have an unexpected incident about your job or parenting, all of this makes you less stressful of sudden changes.

9. Confidently say 'No'

You do not have to feel guilty or hesitate when you have to bring out negative words. It is impossible to do everything because there is a limit to time, energy, and resources in the situation of raising a child alone and conducting a work life alone. I feel guilty that I can not do everything and I do not have to be a Yesman all the time. It's a good idea to boldly say "no" at the meetings, promises, and all other events that are not essential, but not important, and handle things that are important to you.

10. The right financial institution is essential

Your child is a small entity that relies solely on herself. It should be noted that the budget, spending, and debt that you have established can have a great impact on your child's care. It is important to try to make your child as well as possible under his / her financial condition and ability while spending the highest priority on daily necessities. And since your child is a child, you should be able to teach the concept of money to teach you the importance of saving and saving money.

11. I often spend time with my child

Spending quality time with your child is one of the most important parenting. You should be able to have fun and enjoyable time with your child regardless of time and place at any time. Let's take the time to spend with your child as an opportunity, and let's recognize that this can enhance the bond. All of the time with the parents in their early years can have a great impact on the growth of the child.

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