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Taking care of a child is solely the responsibility of the parent. They provide meals, supply the necessary nutrients, have playtime, and have conversations. However, besides these daily tasks, there are a lot of things to do for the children, such as education, safe space, and other care. However, there are parents who neglect these things and neglect their children. This can result in unconscious loss of bond with the child.

In fact, neglect is so serious that it is regarded as one of many forms of child abuse. Simply failing to provide the child with what he needs is not fulfilling his responsibilities as a parent. In the United States, the Child Protection Association reported last year that more than 19,000 cases of child neglect were reported, up about 61 percent over the past five years. More than 87 percent of them are classified as serious problems that require social services or police investigations.

Child neglect

According to the Federal Child Abuse Prevention Act (CAPTA), child neglect means that there is a risk of serious harm to the child due to failure of the parent or guardian's behavior. Most of them do not fulfill their responsibilities such as food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, and caring, but neglecting love and care in addition to these material things is neglected. This can lead to serious emotional and physical harm to the child in the long run.

Some of the behaviors that parental unconsciously neglected at home are introduced.

1. Physical neglect: The child is neglected because he or she does not take care of basic needs such as hygiene, clothing, nutrition or shelter.

2. Medical neglect: neglecting the responsibility of properly treating a child with a disease or illness.

3. Inappropriate supervision: It is the act of neglecting the safety of the child, such as leaving the child to another person due to other things of the parent.

4. Emotional neglect: includes not allowing support from the emotional and moral aspects of the child, but also allowing it to be exposed to domestic violence or drug abuse.

5. Educational neglect: neglecting the need for a child's education by not being able to receive good quality education, one of the basic rights.

Know the signs of neglect

People around you, such as friends, neighbors, relatives, or school teachers, may want to look at a number of indications that their children are being ignored by their parents or family at home. This is the only way to resolve the problem immediately and prevent further damage.

For example, if the behavior is observed frequently, such as being absent from school often, wearing out of season clothing, or begging for food to another friend, this could signal that the child is left at home. In addition, the hygiene is consistently bad and the body may give off a strange smell. In addition, Yalcool or drugs may abuse, do not go to the hospital, and may not be vaccinated.

Signs of neglect should include bizarre and abnormal behavior. If you act cynically and appear to be depressed, this can be a sign that you are in a state of being ignored by your basic rights.

Influence of neglect

The youngest child is still the most vulnerable and vulnerable. This can lead to long-term negative effects if parents are careless from a young age.

1. Health and developmental problems: If your child's medical needs are not adequately addressed and you are not provided with a healthy diet, you may experience malnutrition and poor health. In fact, according to a US survey, 28 percent of children have experienced chronic health conditions for the past three years.

2. Cognitive impairment: The tendency to be neglected in school may appear. This leads to intellectual problems and language development difficulties.

3. Emotional problems: It can cause emotional problems such as not being able to build trust and low self-esteem.

4. Social and behavioral issues: It is difficult to establish relationships with others, and behavioral and other social barriers may appear.

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