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It is the wish of all parents to want their children to eat evenly, without choosing all the food, but children sometimes show a strong eating habit and a strong rejection of certain foods. This is because young children have not had enough experience to taste more food, so it is hard to bear if bitter or sour is added to a little bit. However, experts admit that children can eat bitter and sour tastes with added sweet taste.

In this regard, we will show you how parents can improve their children's eating habits.

Parent role model

Children are sometimes stubborn and stubborn, but they tend to listen to parents and imitate them. Parents should be able to use this to become a good role model for their child. For example, if a child does not eat food all at once, he should not scream and shout. Mandy Saatcher, a child nutritionist, advised children to talk in a positive way, allowing them to realize the benefits of food in their bodies. This helps the child to motivate himself to take good food into his body.

According to a post in food blog Food 52, parents going to grocery shopping for their children can have a big impact on improving their eating habits. If you are able to drive a cart from a mart with your child and have them directly packaged with the necessary ingredients and foods, fruits and vegetables, this can be a good experience and can have a positive effect on your child. While shopping, it is good to tell your child about the importance of each ingredient.

Parents should be able to motivate themselves at the same time by noting that their eating habits are tricky, but by showing them taste and enjoying food directly in front of their children. In addition, inappropriate conversations or discussions that can be detrimental to your health during meal times are very bad because they can put stress on your child. This is undesirable because it can give the child a sense that eating time is like a nightmare.

Child observation

As a parent, it is a great responsibility and a duty to observe your child's eating habits and to observe them carefully. If your child's eating habits are seriously challenging, you should first consult with your child and your doctor or other specialist to find out what your child needs. You should be able to give enough information to your doctor by using a growth chart that measures your child's height and weight. Growth charts are effective because you can see the nutritional status of your child compared to standard standards that fit your child's age range.

In addition, you should be able to track and improve your child's food selection patterns. If you eat too many sweets or stacks, you need to encourage your child to become familiar with the new food by introducing other new foods to avoid this habit. It should also be possible to limit the use of digital devices that can interfere with eating, such as TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc. during meal times. This can help prevent the distraction of the time of sacking and allow you to concentrate on the food.

Nevertheless, it is much better for a child to have a nutritious meal directly at home, saying that he wants to eat a bad meal such as fast food. Cooking directly with the child and participating in the preparation of the meal can not only increase the interest in the food, but also positively influence the strengthening of the bond between the parent and the child.

Positive assurance

With all of these efforts, it is now a good idea to find a complete solution with positive assurance if your child begins to eat some of the parent's recommended foods and your eating habits begin to be corrected. Children like to be proud of their parents and like it, so do not spare praise and encouragement to have a positive impact on your child's eating habits.

Also, if the child has eaten all the food recommended by the parent without any leftover, a small amount of compensation can be given to promote the child's good behavior. For example, with a sweet dessert or smoothie made by the child, the child recognizes that he / she has done the right thing after receiving the compensation and next time he or she will try to satisfy the parents.

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