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[Pet] ‘Anaphylaxis’ lethal to cat

Source: Pixar Bay

Anaphylaxis can threaten the life of a cat, so it needs people's attention.

"Anaphylaxis is caused by exposure to certain allergies and can be an emergency to cat health," said PetMD, an animal journal.

To prevent anaphylaxis, you should always look at cat allergic reactions and know what to look out for.


Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction that appears in response to an antigen that enters the cat's body from the outside. The skin begins to develop urticaria, dyspnea, decreased consciousness, edema, blood pressure is a representative symptom. It is the most serious form of allergic reaction.

▲ food ▲ drug ▲ insect ▲ mobility ▲ idiopathic It is caused by various causes. Food allergic reactions are the most common, and anaphylactic reactions may occur even when bitten by insects. Mobility allergy is a type that appears when you exercise after eating certain foods. In idiopathic cases, it is caused by nonspecific antigen, so the cause is unknown.

"If any environment or food is likely to cause anaphylaxis, and if you are exposed to allergies, you should have a serious allergic reaction in your cat's body and you should be hospitalized immediately," Petmiede advised.

Anaphylaxis prevention

If your cat has an anaphylactic allergic reaction, you will be interested in what substance it reacts to. Unfortunately, however, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that certain substances can be stimulated by cats.

So how should anaphylaxis cope?

In order to protect your cat from allergic reactions, it is the best way to protect your cat from allergens and prevent it from reaching your skin.

Cat Anaphylaxis Treatment

If you are unable to breathe or lose your mind due to anaphylactic symptoms, you may be able to respond to emergency situations by breathing air through the airway or by the help of life support.

In addition, the veterinarian can prescribe epinephrine and prescribe antihistamines if the cat has severe symptoms.

After the emergency response, you should watch the day or two.

Anaphylactic reactions are rare in pets such as cats and dogs, but people who raise cats should be aware that anaphylactic reactions can lead to cat's life risk and should be remembered and cared for for substances that cause allergic reactions.

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