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Children are susceptible to disease as they grow. Parents should make sure that they understand the symptoms of the illness and how to treat them as soon as possible so that the child can have a safe and healthy childhood. Let's look at child's thyroid disease.

Children's Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease in children is a common health condition, but the exact cause of why the children are still ill is not known. It is not a disease that is caused by eating a high-priced food, but it is not a disease that can easily be caught and treated like a cold.

Some children may have a family history of disease, and even children without thyroid disease may experience hyperthyroidism. Iodine is also a component of the body needed to make thyroid hormones. These minerals, which can be obtained from seafood and milk, are an essential ingredient in the thyroid gland.

If the thyroid does not produce enough hormone, hypothyroidism occurs. One reason is that one can not produce thyroid hormones, and the other is why they do not get thyroid hormones. If your child has slow growth, rough skin, dry skin, constipation, colds, and tiredness, you can think about thyroid disease. In addition, symptoms such as headache, vision problems, and energy consumption may occur.

Hyperthyroidism is also most commonly seen in excess of thyroid hormones. If a child is suffering from this disease, symptoms such as emotional instability and decreased concentration, finger swings, excessive sweating, and high blood pressure can be seen.

Thyroid problems can interfere with normal growth and development of children. Andrew J. Bauer, a pediatric endocrinologist, explained that the rate of thyroid disease is increasing with autoimmune diseases. The clear reason for this is unknown, but he points out that it is found more frequently in children and adolescents.

Thyroid disease treatment

Thyroid disease is also difficult to diagnose. Even thyroid function tests can be difficult to interpret completely, and you should definitely get help from an expert.

Once your child has the disease, you will be treated in a variety of ways. For example, it may take an antithyroid drug such as methimazole, propidothiouracil, or carbimazole to relieve hyperthyroidism, or it may be surgically removed by thyroidectomy. However, the treatment varies according to the condition and severity of the child.

Thyroid cancer, however, should be treated with appropriate treatment options, depending on the type of cancer and how far the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. In this case, thyroidectomy is the most common recommendation, and hormone therapy may be effective. These are all methods to help prevent recurrence of thyroid cancer.

However, these treatments can affect your child's memory and concentration. Particularly, parents should keep in mind that this process will be a very difficult period in a child's life, and it can be difficult for the child to maintain normal life. Therefore, you should spare all the time and effort to be a normal child.

Radioactive iodine therapy

In some cases, they may receive radioactive therapy that permanently reduces thyroid activity. This can be effective in helping the child to overcome the thyroid problem, but it can also be a risk factor for the patient as well as the people around him. Mostly because of the outpatient treatment and radiation effects to people around the child.

For parents, it is recommended that the child be vaccinated in advance while receiving the treatment to prevent radiation exposure. To minimize the risk of radiation, it is best not to expose the patient to others. In other words, you should avoid going to places where there are many people, such as public places and public transportation. It is recommended that you stay away from adults, especially if you are pregnant or have a baby bed for 6 to 23 days. In addition, cups, toothbrushes, spoons and other household items should not be shared with others.

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