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Childhood eating habits are often lifelong. In addition, children's nutritional intake is directly linked to growth, so you need to develop healthy eating habits.

Most children tend to avoid good foods such as fruits and vegetables. Instead, they prefer harmful foods such as sweets and junk foods. Parents have an obligation to make sure their children are eating properly.

"It is often the case that the parents are at odds with their children," Dr.

Dr. Rose explained that parents can be categorized into different types according to their eating habits. These types include caregivers, food policemen, nutrition lovers, hungry travelers, and comforting persons.

These types of eating habits can be helpful to children, but they can also harm your child's health due to parental mistakes. Let's look at the type of parent according to your eating habits and how to teach your child the right eating habits.

Parent type by eating habit

1. Caregiver type: Parents in this category express love with food. Because they only concentrate on making their children happy, they also give them unhealthy food. "Children who are dominated by this type of diet can have a habit of overeating," Dr. Rose said.

2. Type of Food Police: This type of parent strictly monitors the food and ingredients your child is eating. While this is an ideal type, there are a number of things you need to consider to promote healthy eating habits. Excessively restrictive eating habits can lead to binge eating habits without giving the child happiness. In this case, an adult can become obese.

3. Types of Nutritionists: If you do it right, it is the type that gives your child the best eating habits. However, these types of parents often have the wrong eating habits and information. Nutritionists carefully examine their nutrients when feeding their children. Too much blindness can lead to a lack of nutrients in areas that were ignorant.

4. Type of hunger: It is correct for a child to remain nutritious, but it is also a matter of not tolerating a little hunger. This type of habits can be formed by feeding too much food to your child.

5. Comforter type: A crying parent is a type of parent who uses food when it is desired to eat a child or when the children appear depressed. It is not always bad how to comfort a child with food. However, if you get tired of this way, you may still get obese because you eat emotionally after you become an adult.

The Right Way to Raise Children's Eating Habits

Parents who have long provided their children with the wrong eating habits can also apply the new eating habits program. Child care information media Kid has several ways parents can do it.

1. The intake should be controlled. This does not mean that children are fed only healthy and nutritious food. It means that you should control what your child can and can not eat. In other words, you can feed enough nutritious food and sometimes give your favorite snacks.

It is good to fill the kitchen with nutritious food and create an environment where children can eat whenever they are hungry. Also, it is not too bad to give children two snacks they like when they ask.

2. Make sure your child chooses what they want to eat. Limit your child's choices to healthy foods, and choose what you want to eat and what you do not want to eat. At this time, you should create an atmosphere that allows for a healthy eating habit.

3. You should not be forced to eat food. You may think that it is better for the child to empty the plate. However, children's eating habits vary. Children do not want any more food on the plate if they sing. Even if the child's dish is not empty, it is good to raise the habit of stopping the meal if the boat is busy. This is a way to prevent overeating.

4. Make mealtime fun. Stressing in front of the table can lead to bad eating habits. It is better to avoid stressing children during meal times. Meal times should be comfortable and fun each time.

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