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Most modern people tend to make money to buy things. Regardless of the utility value of the product, various products are introduced to the market and attract the consumers.

Beyond the basic survival of food and shelter, modern society has established a favorable environment for buying consumerism and goods. This can be viewed as an economic aspect of capitalist society. Various nations around the world are naturally aiming at a capitalist society that increases wealth through goods and services and provides people with what they need.

But the financial pressures of consumers can be made worse by the social pressures that just buy things for consumption. This can be more serious for couples with children who want something.

In particular, the media may promote unnecessary items. Such as cool shoes, the latest electronics, and more expensive brands. Parents of older generations have written a way not to accompany them when visiting a store to eradicate their children's desire to consume unnecessary goods. However, the technological advancement of modern society has expanded the route to access information related to consumer communication and consumerism in various ways such as media and internet.

Consumption of children

Today, when you go to Mart, you can find many kinds of merchandise that older generations have not seen when they were young. Because many products were not invented in previous times.

But there is no limit to the abundance of matter. No matter how much you have, you are desperate to own something more. People even identify themselves with a certain product. These include coffee, soda, clothes, and even food. These children are not exceptional. It can be extended to social media and intangibles in the environment where smart phone development and Internet are frequently exposed.

Consumer life is not unconditionally bad, but it becomes a problem if it is excessive. If you can not control the purchase of unnecessary goods, it is a problem. Especially if your child is trapped in a consumerist world, it will be a stress that you can not afford as a parent. How can we prevent this?

Tips on how to curb child consumption

1. Introduce new crafts and hobbies to your child

2. Understand your child's use and purpose

3. Show your old clothes worthy of your children

4. Comparison of lifestyle with others

5. Donate and share clothes, toys, etc.

▲ Consumerism of children with some rules (Source = Pixar Bay)

In addition to helping your children fix their own defective items, it is helpful. It is also effective to have children wait if they want to buy something. This makes the children think about whether they continue to want the item after a long period of time. There is also a way to open a bank account for children and teach the value of savings. It is also good to tell the value of money by making money yourself.

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