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[Parenting] Detecting the massive wave of lava in astronomers


The fourth largest satellite in Jupiter is volcanic activity. Recently, lava activity has been found to be active in Io.

Io, trapped between the gravitational field of Jupiter and other satellites, is warmed by the force pulled by these gravitational fields generating heat generated by friction under the earth's crust.

Lava frequently sprang up over the surface, creating hundreds of volcanic and lava lakes on the surface of Io.

A team of scientists from the United States and Europe used an array of rare orbital paths between Europa and Io to identify and track waves of lava flowing across Io's rocky panthera surface.

The 8,300 square mile Rocky Panthera is a lava lake in Io, which is larger than Lake Ontario.

Scientists explained that Europa passed by Io on March 8, 2015, in the May 11, Nature.

Scientists have observed the eclipses of Europa Io using an 8.4 m twin mirror in a large binocular telescope observatory in the Arizona Mountains.

The astronomical observator caught infrared rays from Io while the eclipse occurred. Infrared measurements were made to measure the heat from the volcano on the Io surface.

Scientists have discovered that the surface temperature of Rocky Panthera has slowly but steadily increased from one side to the other.

The waves of lava are not waves formed by tides and winds like the waters of the earth. When a part of the surface of the lava lake becomes solid and solidifies, the hardened part becomes thicker and denser than the surrounding area and sinks under the lake.

Scientists explained that the lava flowed around the surface of the sinking surface, draining the space occupied by the sinking surface, and spreading the ripples throughout the lake.

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