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[Pets] 6 things good when you become a cat butler


▲ Cat has many advantages (Photo = Flicker)

With the recent increase in the number of single-family homes, the rate of raising pets has also risen. Mental Floss, a professional media, introduces the advantages of living with cats and focuses attention.

Watching cat videos online can make you feel positive. So living together will get more energy.

From now on, I will explain the six advantages of taking a cat as a pet.

▲ Stress is alleviated with a cat (photo = Max Pixel)

Effective in reducing stress index

The owner must do various things to care for the cat. Therefore, the anxiety decreases and the stress index decreases and the mind becomes calm.

According to Today's Medical News, cats are calmer and stress indexes are reduced, so they are less likely to die from heart attacks than those who do not.

Environmentally friendly

Raising cats is less carbon dioxide than raising dogs. According to a 2009 survey, it is said that the process of raising a dog produces about a liter of land cruiser. On the other hand, in the process of raising cats with less food intake than dogs, only one small hatchback consumed carbon dioxide.

Female pet

Cats can be good friends for women. According to a 2003 study in Austria, raising cats has similar effects to dating. The cat knows that the owner is kind to himself and he is willing to repay the owner's kindness.

Reduces allergy occurrence probability

Studies by the National Institutes of Health have shown that children exposed to cats are less likely to develop allergies, including animal allergies.

"Children who are often exposed to pets when they are young are less likely to have general allergies to house dust mites, pigs grasses and grasses as well as animal allergies," said Dr. Marshall Flute, a researcher at the Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

A cat parasite called Toxoplasma gondi may be harmful to children, but it can be prevented if you clean the cat toilet every day and let the cat stay indoors.

▲ sleep quality with cat sleeping (photo: Pixar Bay)

A friend for the busy modern man

According to a survey of researchers at the University of Bristol in 2010, most cats have a bachelor's degree.

However, cats do not make the owner smarter. Clever people often choose cats as pets because they have relatively long working hours and do not need much affection. Cats are good pets for busy people.

Improve the quality of sleep

According to a UK survey, a woman who grows a cat likes to sleep with a cat rather than her own spouse. Even sleeping with a cat showed sleep better.

It takes much effort to care for cats. Although it is not as active as a dog, it will be your friend to calm your mind and alleviate negative feelings.

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