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[Parenting] Wild Reptiles in Oregon, USA

Photo Source: Wikimedia

The world is home to a variety of reptiles and amphibians, all of which have their own characteristics and history.

Jeff Jensen, a reptilian and owner of a reptile store in Oregon, USA, introduced reptiles that people do not know well enough to satisfy our curiosity.

He first introduced two kinds of things that people often confuse. Gopher Snake and North Pacific Rattlesnake.

They are not easy to distinguish because they have the same skin pattern and smudges.

The Gopher snake sounds like a North Pacific rattlesnake. Jensen said the Gopher snake is a simple trick to make it sound more threatening before it is discovered.

Biting to a Gopher snake is much less dangerous than snatching a North Pacific rattlesnake.

These two snakes can be found in the desert of Central Oregon, where they both rest in the rocky midday and act at night.

These snakes usually eat rodents and sometimes eat birds. Humans are especially the greatest enemies of the Gopher Snake. It is because humans misunderstand and kill the Gopher snake as a rattlesnake.

The next creature introduced by Jensen is the Western Skink Lizard. They are famous for cutting off their tails when they run away from their natural enemies. Flee safely to trick predators to focus on the tail.

But if you cut the tail too close to your body, you can die. A moderately truncated tail grows back within a few months.

Jensen also said that the lizard bites him and he says it is harmless because there is no venom.

Because their habitats are wetlands, these lizards can be found in streams or near rivers.

These lizards usually eat small ground insects or insects.

Next is the western fence lizard. The body is blue and you can also cut off the tail and run away.

Their habitats range from valleys to forests and are most commonly found under rocks.

Finally the bull frog. This frog is worthy of a jump, and in a mating season, it travels a long distance using a jump force.

A bull frog has a great appetite and can eat all kinds of insects, small animals, birds, and sometimes other frogs.

It is usually found in water or wetlands.

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