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[Parenting] Firefighting, causing stress to lizards

Photo Source: Wikimedia

Firefighters have been shown to cause stress to lizards.

Tracy L. Clyde, a professor of biology at Pennsylvania State University in the United States, and her fellow researchers conducted two experiments to elucidate how fence lizards are stressed by antipersonnel aggression and environmental factors.

The first experiment was to measure the change in the amount of hormone corticosterone in the blood sample of the lizard while briefly exposing the lizard to the ants.

As a result, the stress of lizards has increased, but there are insufficient evidence that only antidemic causes stress.

"Direct exposure experiments show that fireflies are stressors in lizards, but they do not rule out other environmental factors that can contribute to stress. So we have to control as much of the other environmental factors as possible to see if the ants are the main cause of the elevated stress, "Langley said.

So in the second experiment, the researchers imitated the fence lizard habitat and provided two environments. One was a habitat that was invaded by an ants and the other did not have ants.

Langkilde and his researchers found that when an ants caused the stress of a fence lizard, the corticosterone levels of the fence lizard with the ants were lower than the fence lizards living in an antimicrobial environment.

"This result may mean that the lizard was not stressed by an ants, but it is more likely that something is wrong with the lizard's stress-control system," Langland said.

Lang Clyde explained that the corticosterone levels of the fence lizards exposed to direct ants have fallen because they are allostatic overload, a hormonal response that breaks down the nervous system under extreme stress and stops the production of additional stress hormones.

"The development of human technology, the development of highways and the invasion of other species is making the environment increasingly unstable. We need to know the impact of the intruder, but we also need to know the impact of other environmental stressors. I can not predict the long-term effects of stressors right now. "

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