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▲ It may be good or bad to tie a neck line to a dog (Source = Good Prefocus)

To protect dogs from danger or to protect others or their animals from their puppies, it is common to tie them together. However, there are articles and research findings that the neckline affects puppies emotionally and physically.

When you return to your home after a hard day of work, you will find your mental stability when you see the puppy who welcomes you. The puppy looks good with you all the time, but it can cause problems by running around in the house or in the garden. If you raise an active dog that is always on the move, the problem gets bigger.

However, it is not easy to fill the collar, which is an easy solution to this problem. Depending on the reason, it is good and bad to put a collar on a dog.

Negative impact

According to Won Green Planet, it is said that having a neckline or tie a dog has negative consequences. There may be health problems, especially in some countries around the world, legislation that protects animals from being tied for long periods, especially in dogs, is often confined to dogs. When there are restrictions on behavior, animals become bored, and in most cases they become violent or threatening.

It should also be remembered that dog-breeders are animals whose dogs are inherently claiming authority. Putting them in a tight space can stimulate this tendency to defend and increase the chances of attacking someone approaching them. Therefore, be careful that their aggressiveness increases and barking can happen in many ways. Dogs like to interact with people or other animals, so when they are restricted, they may become helpless and depressed. The dog's attachment to the owner is quite strong, so if the sympathy is reduced, the puppy becomes depressed and sometimes it becomes unhealthy. In addition, it may seem more inclined to bite people than a freely moving puppy.

Binding a string to a dog also increases the risk of suffocation and other injuries. If you have a puppy who likes to walk around with your body tied up, it can cause an accident that the collar is tied to something and can not breathe. If your dog is in a confined space, the risk of being injured by sudden movements increases even more.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand may be at risk because it can be dangerous insects or living creatures. Sometimes puppies can become scapegoats, such as small animals or bears, such as fleas, and especially when the body is tied, it becomes difficult to protect themselves from the rain, the extreme heat, and the eyes. If your dog looks like you do not want to be tied up outside, let him show you the freedom and love for the dog.

Do not tie the neck

An article in the BHG suggests that you should try to create a collarless doggy environment based on your living conditions. If your dog likes to dig, you can put a barbed wire beneath the ground so you can not escape, or you can keep the backyard fence from breaking down. Putting toys in sandboxes to find them is also a good way to keep the yard upside down.

Urban houses, such as apartments and condominiums in most urban areas, require a walk with the dog or more time to go to the park. This time will be a time for the puppy to exercise and enjoy his freedom. In many cases, a dog who has undergone neurosurgery is more likely to be at home than to go outside.

Dogs need stimulation and attention. It is important to think about giving your puppy as much stimulation and attention as you need to see if it causes problems with your puppy's behavior. If you give your affection to a puppy, no matter how small it is, your puppy will feel happy.

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