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If a child buys something from a mart whenever he wants to, or if he or she constantly presents various toys even though it is not a special day such as a birthday or Christmas, there should be a problem with the child's economic concept. If the parents' wise consumption habits do not provide a basis, the child will have a wrong idea of ​​the economy.

Since children have fewer children and enjoy a more affluent life than before, children often do not feel much of a financial aspect. As well as reading a fairy tale book and telling a number to the child, economic education is also needed. The pressure that all decisions that parents make should be exemplary for the child makes the job of parents the most difficult.

Generally, it is time to start economic education, but after school entrance, it is possible to start economic education from a very young age. We can not give you a clear answer on how to get an economic wealth, but there are guidelines on how to maintain a stable financial position or teach children how to handle money efficiently.

But before that, it is necessary to check whether the parents themselves make mistakes. Parents' wrong consumption habits Let's check first.

1 Have you planned childcare leave?

It is always important to plan everything. This is related to money. There are parents whose income suddenly decreases after giving birth. It is important to understand in advance how much income will be paid during maternity leave and parental leave, and also to know if you are paid in case of parental leave. Depending on the company, you may not be able to enjoy paid parental leave. Also, before the child is born, you should make savings and check your finances carefully. Unless you want to worry about unexpected spending.

2 Do not spend money on unnecessary things?

It is the parent mind that wants to give the best thing to the child, but sometimes makes a bad choice. Let's think again about unnecessary spending before buying something. For example, it is also unnecessary to buy several children 's clothes or to put on maternity clothes early in pregnancy. It may not be seasonal when the child wears it, and the size may be small or large. You do not have to buy all the other popular toys and baby goods. It is a misunderstanding that my child will love that another child likes it. Investing in education, health, and correction will ultimately benefit.

Some parents sometimes buy something unnecessary (Source: Pixar Bay)

3 Is there no habit of over consuming?

As a parent, it is very important to provide economic education to your child. As I said before, parents have a pressure to be a good example for their child. If parents are an example, they will follow their parents' advice.

"Do not do what I do and do what I say" is not a good advice for a child. Making intelligent decisions about finances makes your child genuinely respect your parents and hearing your parents better. A child who grows up watching his parents use excessive credit cards without moderation is likely to follow their parents' behavior and have a habit of overeating.

4 Do not you use it unreasonably to fit the economic power?

Even though it may seem like a necessity of life, it is important to consume it according to the household situation. Let's see how much of the net living expenses remain, except for the fixed expenses such as house loans, insurance, and communication expenses. Appropriately distribute food expenses, childcare supplies, and education expenses in accordance with living expenses. It does not matter how many toys you buy in other households and how many institutes you send. Because the family situation is different for each family, even if it seems that the child is willing to buy the newest toy, it is not allowed to buy the toy until it goes beyond the budget.

Many middle-aged people are now suffering from debt out of their ability to pay off. So if you spend too much money, remember that you are a bad example. Always living on a budget can make your parents happy.

5 Do you avoid talking about money?

Talking about money is not uncommon and is not a fun subject. However, if parents talk about money with their kids, they can make a good point of view of the money and make good consumption habits.

The faster the conversation with money is, the better. Many experts say telling kids about the value of money or having to be patient to buy what they want is a very important lesson. As your child grows up, let's talk about how to avoid debt, effective budget management, and planning for the future.

6 Do you keep your consumption habits before your child is born?

After the child is born, the existing habits should be changed. Before marriage or on a honeymoon, you would have spent much of your income buying fashionable clothes, buying new cosmetics, and changing your hairstyle. Or you might have had expensive meals at a fine dining restaurant.

If you keep these consumption habits after the baby is born, you will not be able to afford it. This is because spending items such as powdered milk, diapers, and kids' clothes are added to the child.

If you want to travel abroad, let's go on a family trip once a year with usual travel savings. If you continue with your pre-marital habits, you will not be able to avoid financial problems.

▲ Mom and child (source = military one)

7 Do you give your child a simple chores and money?

It is not good to give money to a child to do dishes or to throw away garbage. The child can easily think about money, and expects that even simple things can make money easily. If you want to give your child more money, it is a good idea to do something that can be a bit tricky, such as gardening or cleaning the attic. It is a great opportunity to realize the value of labor.

8 Do parents express their concerns to their children?

The child is always watching his parents. If you look closely at your child when you are having financial problems in your home, you will know that they are fully understanding the current situation. In one study, if the parents were stressed during the pregnancy period, the child was also affected after being born.

When a parent fights with financial problems, the child thinks he is responsible and degrades the value. You do not have to be stressed financially.

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