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[Parenting] Children should not be hit when disciplining.


It is better to use alternatives than to hitting your child when they are being punished.

The University of Auckland has published a statistical report on the punishment of New Zealand families. The researchers targeted children growing up in New Zealand.

According to the report, one in ten parents beat their children frequently and one out of twelve mothers became very angry with their children.

In recent statistics, New Zealand has had bad results in bullying rates, youth suicide and violence.

The University of Auckland said children should be firmly bounded and limited, but hitting them to discipline can lead to a child's violent tendencies and does not help create a healthy environment.

In response, Kerin O'Neil, senior researcher at Brainwave Trust, said, "A firm and fair restriction is helpful, but it is good for children not to focus on obedience and explain punitive and strict rules and reasons. I did not. "

Experts have shown ways to discipline children without hitting them.

First, parents should have an adult responsibility. He also advised that children should give them time to think rather than punish them immediately.

They also advised that they should discipline themselves with a positive mind and do not spare praise if their children have done well. This means that parents can know if they love and appreciate their children.

If your child makes a mistake, you must first speak and explain. At this time, it is better to hit or not to talk.

It should also help your child to do the right thing, knowing what went wrong and how their behavior affects people around you.

In addition, they must be educated that there are limits and boundaries. You should write a rule and explain why you should follow it.

The horse must be consistent. If you tell the children, you should not change them. If parents break the rules, they do not keep them. Parents should show the coincidence of words and actions.

There are many ways to get a child ready, and violence should not be the method. Children should not be stressed or angry.

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