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[Parenting] How to choose a baby stroller … Precautions when using


Baby strollers should be safe and easy to use for both your baby and your mother. Also, it is strong and durable, so it is good not to break even if you use it for a long time. In terms of safety, the stroller must not fall over and the brakes should not be within reach of the baby. I go into the world of baby strollers that have to meet demanding conditions.

The first stroller

The first stroller was invented by famous British landscape designer William Kent in 1733. Today, strollers are a necessity for families with children, but they were originally designed as playground equipment. As a designer, Kent, dealing with not only the garden but also women's clothing and furniture, was asked to design something that would entertain children from the third Duke's Duke.

Choosing a stroller

The stroller is largely divided into deluxe type, compromise type and portable type, and various functions of the stroller are used according to the number of months of the child. The safety device incorporated in the stroller should be judged as appropriate and convenient. Even on rough roads, unsteady handling and a sense of driving are essential elements in choosing a stroller.

What are the cautions when using a stroller?

If a child does not wear a seat belt when riding a stroller, a fall accident may occur. You should carry your baby in the stroller or move it on the stroller to make sure you do not play with it. When stopping, be sure to lock the brake and do not release the handle. When folding, be careful not to get your child's finger in the frame gap.

Deluxe stroller

Baby strollers that can be used from newborns are often called deluxe. It is characterized by large wheels and a lot of suspension, and it is a true deluxe stroller with cradle function. For this reason, weigh more than 10kg, a heavy stroller is good.

A companion stroller

The companion stroller is an intermediate step between a deluxe stroller and a portable stroller. It also has stability and combines portability. For use from newborn babies, a companion stroller with two facet features should be used.

Portable stroller

A portable stroller is a baby stroller that can be used by babies who are away from newborn babies. It is a stroller that is easy to carry around lightly. Small folds, reduced weight, and can stick to your shoulders.

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