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Depression continues to increase. If you are not treated properly at the early stages of depression, your social life can be difficult or even extreme. Depression If you feel the initial symptoms, you can self-check by depression self-diagnosis. Find out how to overcome depression and how to treat it, including self-diagnosis of depression.

Early symptoms of depression

Early symptoms of depression include persistent depression, loss of concentration, sleep disorders such as insomnia, deterioration of daily living function, and repeated thoughts on suicide. If you get depressed, you are not happy with your friends, and you lose interest in your usual hobbies. And it feels like this depression will continue. If all of the early symptoms of depression are 'just like me', it's a good idea to check the depression stage with the depression self-test.

Depression Self Diagnosis

The following items are CES-D scale items. It is a self-diagnosis method of depression which is widely used as a depression test. Let's diagnose what you have felt and acted for the past week.

1 Things that seemed to be uncomfortable seemed annoying and annoying.

2 I did not want to eat. (There was no taste.)

3 Even if my family and friends helped me, I could not get rid of the mood.

4 I felt as competent as others.

5 Whatever I did, it was hard to concentrate my mind.

Six were depressed.

7 Everything I felt was hard.

8 I felt hopeful about the future.

I thought my life was a failure.

I felt fear.

11 I fell asleep (I could not sleep well).

I was happy.

13 Less than usual.

14 I felt lonely as if I were alone in the world.

15 They seemed to treat me cold.

16 Life was fun.

17 Suddenly a cry came out.

I felt sorrow.

19 People seemed to hate me.

20 I did not have the energy to start anything.

How to Overcome Depression

If you are in the early stages of depression and are reluctant to go to the hospital, let's first try to overcome depression. Methods to overcome depression include positive thoughts, exercise habits, diary writing, and reading. It is also helpful to have a regular and balanced diet. It is also a way to eat good food for depression. The food we eat often has the same efficacy as the depression medicine. The quercetin ingredient in onions reduces anxiety and depression. There is food to avoid. Alcohol is the enemy of depression treatment, so it is better to abstain. However, if you have difficulties in coping with depression and continue to feel depressed for more than two weeks, you should visit the hospital.

How to treat depression

If the symptoms of depression are serious, you should visit the hospital without hesitation. Psychotherapy and medication are treatments for depression. In the early stages of depression, counseling alone can treat depression, but in cases of moderate depression, medication should be followed. Depression Drugs are very helpful in treating depression. Antidepressants, a depressive drug, activate the function of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which controls emotions and behavior. There were few side effects. However, when taking antidepressants, doctors should strictly follow the instructions, dosage, and duration. You should not adjust your dose or stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor. The role of families of depressed patients during depression is also very important. Depression should be supported and assisted so that the patient can keep taking the medicine and get the depression treatment to the end.

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