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[Parenting] How to get rid of ants that started married flight

Photo: Pixar Bay

A phenomenon known as flying ants or marital flight may be a scary event for people with insect phobia.

Marriage is a way to prevent inbreeding of ants and establish new colonies. Ants fly around humans where they live, which can be harmful to humans.

But ants play a big role in the ecosystem. It supplies air to the soil, recycles nutrients, improves the fertility of garden plants, and controls pests. It can also be food for small amphibians, reptiles and even birds such as gulls.

In the seasons when ants marry, there are some housewares that can keep the house in place while keeping the population of ants appropriately.

There is a way to use dishwashing detergent. This is because it attaches to the body of the ant and dehydrates it so that the ant can be effectively removed. Spray the dishwasher with dishwashing detergent and water.

If you are a sticky person, you can tempt an ant with food and put sticky around it.

Artificial sweeteners can also be used. Some sweeteners are very toxic to ants. Mixing the sweetener with apple juice produces a viscous paste. The ant takes this paste to the ants and shares it with his colleagues. Then the number of ants is reduced.

Use insecticide powder. Spray insecticide powder or spray-type insecticide around the threshold of the landing or wall and floor joints.

There is also a way to use cans. This method should be used in the morning. As the sun sets and the sun warms, the ants will lay eggs in the cans. In the afternoon, you can remove the ants from the bottom of the can.

There is also a way to use boiling water. You can pour boiling water in the ants. This way you can kill most of the ants and prevent the surviving ants from returning.

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