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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 11% of children ages 4 to 17 are diagnosed with ADHD at least one time each year and the incidence is increasing by 3% each year. The violent response to ADHD over the last decade is not surprising, as many children are growing up with ADHD. But over the past few decades and now there is a lot of misinformation about the cause, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

Unfounded belief 1. ADHD is not a real obstacle

The CDC, the US Congress, the Department of Education and all other pediatric and psychiatric specialists recognize ADHD. However, some misunderstandings about ADHD are based on the fact that there are no specific tests to clearly identify the disorder. Doctors can not diagnose ADHD through laboratory tests. In other words, there are no specific medical tests that can diagnose ADHD, but they must meet precise standards. A reliable diagnosis can be made based on these criteria, past medical history, and behavioral information. ADHD is not always apparent. Everyone has a problem with concentration to some extent.

However, for ADHD patients, the symptoms are very serious. ADHD is characterized by persistent extreme behavior. Some actions can not be understood. The symptoms of ADHD seem similar to other diseases. Therefore, medical professionals diagnosing ADHD should be the first to rule out other causes or symptoms.

Unfounded belief 2. Bad parenting leads to ADHD

ADHD is not the result of bad parenting. However, behavior due to ADHD may violate effective parenting practices. Incompatible sanctions and ineffective teaching methods can aggravate the child's behavior, so children with ADHD disabilities will need to look for child care that will help them control their behavior.

This false belief is due to the guilt of parents with ADHD children. However, it is not true that miscarriage causes ADHD. Obviously, you can control your ADHD symptoms by creating an environment with positive parenting and predictable routines with consistent expectations.

Unfounded Faith 3 . As you grow up, you can get out of the symptoms

Adequate diagnostic criteria for ADHD symptoms are set at age seven, but many have not been diagnosed until they become adults. In some cases, adults are diagnosed with ADHD. Adults, however, can get information about ADHD, so they can become aware of their symptoms themselves.

According to recent studies, 85% of ADHD children show ADHD symptoms even when they become adults. Some children may have symptoms gradually diminish. In most cases, treating the symptoms properly improves. Some children can easily learn how to deal with symptoms, which can reduce or even stop the treatment over time.

Unfounded belief 4. ADHD can be cured as a cure

You can not cure ADHD on the day you take the medication. However, it helps to control the symptoms. Symptoms of ADHD are chronic disorders that can change or diminish over time, but do not go away. Many people are developing ways to control their symptoms, and the ultimate goal is to develop a way to work at all stages of life, from childhood to adult, rather than stopping as soon as possible.

Unfounded beliefs 5. If you can continue to focus on any activity, you are not an ADHD patient

In most cases, ADHD causes problems in tasks that require long-term focus. School education can be a challenge for children with ADHD in particular. In general, classes are relatively monotonous in terms of video, sound, and physical activity compared to video games. And homework can require tedious and organized thinking. Most ADHD children have difficulty meeting academic, social, and behavioral requirements. Other situations in which ADHD children may feel a problem include social activities, sports that require significant concentration, and extracurricular activities.

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