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[Parenting] How to raise children as children to solve themselves?

Source: Pixar Bay

It is difficult to be hard to be pampered. It is the parents' mind that I want to be able to substitute even if the child falls into trouble. However, experts say it is a good idea to raise the child to become more self-reliant.

New Zealand's parenting expert Bhaggspree advised parents to stop dropping their choices for their children because they could grow weak. Especially, the method of feeding the spoon is a wrong way of raising children in the growing period.

Godfrey said parents are paying too much attention to their children. Since 2009, he has begun working to solve parenting problems between parents and children, helping young parents become mature parents.

Godfrey has produced a program called MIOMO (Making It On My Own), which has given lectures on young people and young couples about valuable life skills that will help them succeed in the world of adults . He said parents should instill in their children the right spirit so that when they become adults they become independent and successful people.

Parents need to realize that some parenting methods are not effective and should find ways to provide parenting that can really help their children. People must realize that the simple principle of loving, leading, and releasing children is the right way of parenting.

Godfrey has mentioned that parents who leave their children as they want them to become problems in many parts of the world. Many parents become children's slaves by buying unnecessary devices for their children or giving them too much money.

As a result, many young people grow up into adults who are unable to take care of themselves even after graduating from high school.

Many young people today are thrown into the world without learning how the world works and what to do when things do not go back as they thought.

Parents should step back and watch their children learn from their mistakes on their own. Children can grow through it and be prepared to face life's challenges.

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