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As the dog grows older, the love and affection grows larger. If you look at a puppy who is not able to run well and is lying down, it is getting worse and worried. Even if I can not regain my vitality, how can I have a way to stay healthy for a long time? Let's see how to care for older dogs who need more careful health care.

Exercise is still important.

Elderly dogs are hard to jump around like children, but exercise is still a must. It is also important to massage the joints so that joint diseases can be alleviated. Elderly dogs need to walk regularly, but walking for too long can be a hassle. Swimming is a good exercise for older dogs to help them relax their joints and improve strength.

I often check to see if I have a disease

Most dogs are considered aged dogs when folded at seven. According to an article in the Veterinary Practice News, most dog owners have overlooked the protection of dogs that have entered their old age.

Numerous pets without euthanasia, except euthanasia, have been neglected over the years, with puppies being more severe than cats. Elderly dogs can get arthritis, vision and hearing loss, muscle aches, hair loss, cancer and other diseases.

If you have any symptoms, go to the hospital and get treatment. It is necessary to help the puppy to spend the rest of his life as much as possible. Aging is inevitable, but at least it can help the puppy to pass it happily.

Provide a healthy diet

It is also a good way to provide healthy dog ​​food to seniors. Since the dog already has weakened immune system, it is better to keep processed food as far away as possible. If you are financially affordable, it may also be helpful to supplement your diet with good methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for your joints and good glucosamine for your muscles.

It creates a safe environment.

When dogs are raised, it is necessary to change the environment for the safety of dogs. Anything that can be hurt or dangerous when a dog is hit must be removed to prevent accidents.

It is advisable to arrange the puppy's rice bowl and water bowl side by side so that puppies do not wander, and also have orthopedic beds with less joints and bones.

Elderly dogs are sensitive to changes in body temperature and ambient temperature, so do not overheat your hair and if the temperature gets cold, prepare a heater or blankets.

Regularly trim hair

Dogs get worse as aging progresses, and they can not pick hairs alone as before. Hair and skin are most likely to become infected, and old dogs must clean their fur every day. Of course, it depends on the breed, but it is good to lose hair every day even if it is short.

According to Pete Carter, a pet specialist, it is better to brush combs every day on a regular basis, but not more than 10 minutes. If the comb is too sharp, it can hurt your skin, so be careful.

Pedestal care is also important. If the nail is long, it may feel uncomfortable and may cause injury.

Eye, nose, and waste around the mouth should also be wiped with a cloth or cotton swab moistened with lukewarm water.

When bathing at home, prepare a non-slip mat and dry the hairs completely to avoid catching a cold after bathing.

Show unchanging love

It is not easy to show a steady love. However, it is also important to change the living environment so that the puppy entering the age is not inconvenient, and take care of it and pay attention to it so that it does not feel great pain.

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