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There is no problem for a child to be shy. Indeed, many children tend to be shy and introspective. It may be surprising to some parents, but you do not have to worry too much. Understanding the shy children, Dr. William Sears said, "Shy is not a defect, but a personality and not a social obstacle." Some of the world's best people are also very quiet people. They are meticulous listeners, and without a word, they are welcome. " On the other hand, shyness can be a problem if your child does not enjoy the new experience. Rene Gilbert, a Seattle-based clinical psychologist, said, "Feeling shame is an uncomfortable feeling, which makes us missed opportunities." Gilbert says, "Being ashamed may be a sign that a child is suffering from an inner problem," he said. "Some children are shy because they do not show what they do not like, which prevents them from establishing a healthy relationship with others." .

For example, from childhood, Meiji and Hailey are friends together. However, Meiji is shy and spends all his time hanging on his mother's lap, rather than playing with his friends. Meiji's mother, Diane, said, "The Meiji are basically shy. The Meiji have little to do with others. "When you meet people on the street, you do not turn your head or bury your head against me to face your face." Is shyness innate? "A 21-month-old is reluctant to approach or talk to strangers," said Dr. Jerome Cagan, a Harvard professor. "But when you turn 12, you are timid," he said. "But it's not shy and constrained by circumstances." Gilbert agrees, "There is evidence that 15% of people are born with repressed personality, but 50% of Americans feel shy and shy in one or more areas," he said. I can conclude that this is not only a temperament but a learned response. " Meeting strangers can cause shy reactions among young children, but in fact, shy children are afraid to ride new toys and are reluctant to be in unfamiliar places. Also, act very carefully in everything. "There's a way to overcome shyness," says Sears. "Shy kids can have a healthy sense of self-esteem that allows them to meet others, behave polite, and be kind and comfortable." said.
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How to Help a Child to Overcome Shyness Above all, do not name your child a shy kid. If the child is called a shy child, the child will think that he has something wrong with him and that may be even more shy. "The goal is not to get rid of shyness, but to help you do what you can do in the personality of your child to do what you want," Dr Barbara Markway said. As a parent, it is very important to encourage your child to socialize. When your child is playing nearby, it is a good idea to play with your child rather than sit on the bench, looking at the child like a rescue worker on the beach, and help your child feel safe and ultimately feel their surroundings warm. Explaining your child's situation to friends and other family members can help them understand your child. It is also important to lower your child's social temperature. "We can not rule out children in all uncomfortable situations," Wei says. Your child should also become accustomed to dealing with worries and anxieties. That's because it's life. " But she said she should not try to force her child to be social.
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Parents should help their children discover their strengths. Laura Gasolek, of North Carolina, told her shy 3-year-old son, Elliot, "Eliot knows his personality and feelings," he says. "He does not say it, but he thinks well and he actually goes well with his friends." said. Some of the behaviors your child has may be signs of a serious mental problem such as social anxiety disorder, selective bundle disorder, asperger syndrome or autism, although this may be true for shy children. In this case, it is essential to get help from a psychologist or pediatrician.

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