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It is a happy time for children these days when the cool autumn wind is blowing. We can enjoy various natural environment and children's laughter is continuous. However, even if it is attractive, it is dangerous because of insects. There are harmless insects, but some of them are poisonous.


Prevention is always the best strategy. But that does not mean that children can be locked in the room. It is important for children to enjoy the nature and to do outdoor activities, so if you take the time to prepare the measures with preparation time, it can be helpful when you are bitten by worms.

Dressing brightly colored clothing can minimize exposure to insects. If your child is a young infant, a stroller with a hat and mosquito nets can help.

Pest pills are safe and effective preventive measures against insect bites. Insect pesticides can be used for at least two months after birth. However, it should be limited to natural pesticides such as citronella and various essential oils. One effective insecticide is a product containing DEET or a picaridin component. Deet lasts for 2 to 5 hours depending on the concentration used. On the other hand, the picarydine lasts for 3 to 8 hours. You must use it safely in accordance with the instructions included with the product.

You may have heard that there are garlic and vitamin supplements, ultrasonic devices, and pest control wrist bands instead of pesticides. However, none of them has proved effective in preventing pests. It is better to use existing products that work well for children.

Responses to insect bites

The biggest problem when bitten by worms is reaction. Various forms of reactions can occur, ranging from swelling in red to small allergies when bitten by insects. Medical experts do not know what bugs they are stuck with. This is because reactions may be different even if they are bitten by the same kind of mosquito. So it is not important to know the kind of door worm to the child.

When it is bitten by insects, it rises locally and itching accompanies swelling. Some of them are harmless, but they also have serious symptoms. Sometimes, a few inches in size may cause red swelling. This large-scale local reaction is the reaction that occurs within the first few hours after bites. The problem at this time is infection. However, itching is less likely to be infected. Symptoms of infections are rarely seen as rapidly spreading in all directions.

This insect bite may be better with topical steroids containing 1% ice and hydrocortisone, or oral antihistamines to help alleviate itching. The swelling reaction disappears naturally after 3 to 4 days.


Symptoms of infection can occur even if the worm has been bitten. It is caused by local bacterial infections or insect infections. Although erythema and swelling appear locally, infection usually develops after about a day or two after insect bites. Itching is relatively small, but it can cause pus and red bands on the bite-bite spot. If you see these symptoms in your children, you should take them to the hospital immediately.

There are also malignant infections that are transmitted to worms and cause infection in the whole body. This is also contagious. These infections include Lyme disease, Zicca virus, and Elihosis. General insects do not infect these diseases, so do not worry. And worms that infect these diseases are relatively rare. Most winged insects are less likely to spread the disease. However, you should be alert to symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and rash.

But ticks are different. Mites infect diseases such as Lyme disease. However, tick-borne diseases take considerable time to spread. This means that pesticides can be used and can be checked from time to time. Therefore, if you find a tick attached to your skin, you should carefully remove it using tweezers. And it should be noted that not all mites infect disease.

When to Find a Pediatrician

If your child suffers from insect bites, you should seek pediatrics immediately. Symptoms such as fever and fatigue, arthralgia, and rashes should be particularly alert. It is better to see a doctor in a hospital as soon as such symptoms occur.

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