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[Parenting] The United States Supreme Court, all children deserve quality education

Photo: Lucélia Ribeiro CC0

With the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court based on the IDEA, interest in the quality of education for children with disabilities will increase significantly.

This judgment ensures the right of special education students to ensure that students with disabilities do not participate in special programs and receive quality general education.

Both parents and advocates are satisfied with the decision to require quality education for children with disabilities.

The courtroom came from an incident in which Andrew F. 's parents transferred their children to the public school that they were attending.

They transferred Andrew to a private school with a better education level, and his child's academic performance increased significantly after the transfer.

Andrew's parents accused the school of asserting that public schools should provide adequate education for their children suffering from autism and ADHD and demanded that the public schools return $ 70,000 paid for private school tuition.

The court ruled favorably at the school. Andrew's parents appealed, and the case was transferred to the Supreme Court and the parents won with a unanimous vote of the jury.

Experts point out that this is the case: "Do schools have to provide meaningful education in which children show excellent progress and disabled children have equal opportunities with ordinary children? Or does the school just need a little education? "

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said of the Supreme Court's unanimous decision, "Education programs should be appropriately progressive when considering its purpose."

"Every child must have an opportunity to achieve a challenging goal," he concluded.

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