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People perceive children who have been born alone as selfish, lonely, and spoiled children. Granville Stanley Hall, the first president of the American Psychological Association, insisted that "the only thing is the disease itself." As a result, his remarks greatly influenced the perception of extraterrestrial from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. However, this misunderstanding has been countered by numerous studies over the past century.

The US Census Bureau recently announced that about 14 million children in the United States, or 20 percent of all children in the United States, are single. Typical assumptions of the 1950s were all hoped to have two or three children. But a Gallup study in 2007 found that more than half of the Americans included only one or two children in their ideal family, and even the majority of Americans said they did not want their children at all.

Susan Newman, a social psychologist and author of an unusual case study, said, "For many reasons, single-parent families are becoming a traditional family form of the new age." She chose for the main reason that in modern times many women have a relatively high cost of having their first child at a late age and raising a child. Many parents also said that they want to have only one child to keep the balance between work and home less stressed while raising a child.

The Truth About Exception

Laura Mullin explained the following about raising an extinction: "I feel like my child is a roommate," said Merlin. "If you have one child, it's easy to take care of it relatively, and it's like having a bedtime story just like the girls who share with your friends. In addition, there are few cases where house rules are loosened like a child's house. "

It was also a good point that there is no need to be involved in the fighting of brothers and sisters. She said, "Raising an unborn child does not necessarily guarantee home peace, but it is helpful just to not watch the sibling struggle over a remote or snack."

Merlin argues that if you have one child, you can also have more time for yourself or your family. Raising a child is not an easy task, but it allows couples to provide meaningful time for each other. In the same case, you can spend more time and attention on your child, so it can be good for the whole family because you can think about how to raise and care your own parents, and at the same time have time for yourself.

On the other hand, Time magazine's Jeffrey Kluger emphasized the benefits of having many brothers and sisters in his book, The Brothers Effect. However, he also acknowledged the merit of having only one. "Exclusives tend to have good vocabulary and sophisticated sense of humor because they spend a lot of time with their parents," he said.

On the other hand, Lisa Corr, a 5-year-old girl named Quentin, said about her child, "We can spend more money and energy on her because she is a child, Quentin has been in contact with people of all ages and is able to get along well with both their peers and adults. "

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David Seckman and his wife, Kim, both grew up unilaterally and knew there was prejudice to the unicorn. But David says, "One day, the greatest gift someone can give to a child as a parent to me is a sibling. "I was very surprised at that time," he said. Because I thought I grew up to be an extraordinary person, but I was so well adapted to society. " Heidi Riggio, an assistant professor at California State University in the United States, said, "Adult grown adults can be as socially competent as adults who have grown up with siblings and have no trouble making friends or social activities. .

Parenting Tips

It is important to expose your children to various social settings and to help them meet and interact with as many friends as possible at a young age. It can play a big role in raising a child's sociality and at the same time finding passion and talents. Sometimes you have to leave your child free. Because it is an individual, it does not have to pay attention to the child every moment. You should provide space and time for your child only. Through this, children can grow into adults who can develop their talents and dreams and solve their conflicts themselves.

It is therefore a good way to encourage individualism. According to Dr. Newman, the union tends to be under social pressure from peer peer groups. Therefore, the parents should encourage the child to keep his / her unique personality and values. It does not matter how many children you raise. What is important is that parents should be prepared to fill the child's need for material support, as well as positive values ​​and lessons of life, to become adults.

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