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Raising and caring for children is never easy. This is also why most parents care about their children and care about them. However, despite these daily hardships, it is still difficult to become a parent. In the midst of this, some experts and parents are increasing their interest in raising a child's mind, that is, mindful parenting.

Child care

Mind Parenting is a new type of parenting that is popular among many parents, especially young parents nowadays. In short, it means to pay enough attention to the child without any judgment or prejudice. This approach also helps children to recognize and control their feelings and behaviors. Parents who try to care for a child can also take parenting as a pleasure rather than a labor.

Parent's initiative

According to Dana Pasha, who developed a site on mindful parenting, today's parents spend a lot of their time screaming and exhausting tiredness and distracting routines. This often negatively affects mental and physical health.

However, these routines can result not only in physical exhaustion but also in lack of sleep and in poor nutrition. Rather, it is a factor that causes parents to be irritable and temperate. Experts point out that this lifestyle will cause less interaction with the lack of dialogue, especially for children. In the end, the children are psychologically unstable and can lose their bond with their parents. Ultimately, family relationships always remain in tension and have a negative impact on the child's psychology.

It is desirable for parents to get rid of all their responsibilities, to recover from physical fatigue, to spend time with their children, renewing their minds. The best way to do this is to take the initiative and practice mindfulness from the very beginning. Children exposed to this approach from a young age can benefit greatly for longer.


In a stressful situation, no matter how hard you hold your mind, it will not be realized as you wish. During this period, most parents feel frustrated, angry, and emotionally tired. Parents often lose their sense of calm when they show behaviors that can cause their temper and anger. Parenting media mothers have suggested that parents need to get used to emotional stimulation.

Here, emotional stimulation means the feeling or judgment of one's own childhood that can be caused by a specific action of the child. It is also good to get used to the most emotionally vulnerable and vulnerable time of day.

Parents are sometimes stressful, feel tired, shocked by something, overwhelmed, or feeling helpless. Therefore, you should try to be able to keep up with the child's emotional vulnerability and adaptation to the stimuli caused by the child's behavior. This practice allows children to learn positive and proactive tools that can help them to become self-aware, grow, and learn. As a result, you can grow to function independently in your life.

Do not criticize

It is wise not to try to match your child to the conditions required by the present society, but to have a heart to appreciate and love your child. You should take it as your self-esteem and joy, keeping in mind that you are a child of your own. It is necessary to inform your child that you have recognized and loved everything your child has, regardless of the skills or obstacles the child may have, or whatever.

Listen, read, respond

Parents often struggle to quarrel because they do not want to hear what their child says. Children can also result in not listening to their parents. Young children are stubborn and have a strong sense of self-esteem, so if they listen to what they are saying and do not interfere, they can become good parents. It is essential to listen and actively respond to your child's words.

Efficient Use of Education Center

If you want to be able to take care of your child outside the home, it can be a good idea to send your child to a nearby nursery school that carries out both education and childcare. If you choose a good day care center and your child can be guaranteed the best start in life and learning, this will have a positive effect in the future.

One at a time

Multitasking makes parents tired. Many parents are easily depressed and stressed out of work and family responsibilities. It is desirable to identify and select the areas that are highly valued and deviate from this complex environment. For example, if you have a conflict between caring for your child and housework, you should spend at least 10 minutes with your child. This time allows the child to feel that he or she is in the first place. Parents, too, should spend quality time with enough attention to their child.

Recognizing emotions

Teaching your child to recognize his feelings from an early age can be a very useful living technique in the future. It is good to encourage your child to tell what they are feeling now, and to ask and explore their emotional response to the situation.

Teaching children to understand their feelings can be a shortcut to helping them use these skills as they grow. Also, children should be made aware of empathy and empathy so that they can recognize others' feelings.

Enjoy the moment

Even if you have a busy schedule, you need to always be sure you have time for your child. Your child will grow up to become a young adult after he / she becomes a college student through teenage adolescence and will someday finally meet his beloved spouse and make a new family. If you do not want to spend these days, you should try to spend time with your child every day.

Do not be too hard

Many parents are often tired and tired during child care. It is good to remind them that you are doing your best to raise your child properly. It is pointless to criticize yourself while nurturing and to blame everything on yourself, and it is of no use.

Everyone makes mistakes and gets more positive lessons from those mistakes. Even if you make a mistake, it is desirable to have an attitude of shaking off and concentrating on your child again.

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