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[Parenting] ‘Newborn Care’, What Your Husband Needs to Know about Parental Leave


According to a study by the Child Care Media Adult Adult Maternity Association in 2017, she said that mothers should take care of newborn babies because they are not able to properly prepare their babies during maternity leave. Maternity leave specialist Michalich Levin introduced "caring for newborn babies" when they eat, cry, cuddle, clean, trim, and shower towels while soothing new babies. That's because newborn babies are supposed to keep everything in their daily life. Here are some things to note before taking care of newborns that Levin has summarized:

1. Importance of Dragonfly Position

If a child is not comfortable sleeping, he can not sleep well. What is important for a comfortable space is to maintain proper temperature and humidity. 20 to 24 캜 and a humidity of 50 to 60%. It is good to place the bedside next to the mother. There are reasons why you need to be breastfeeding from time to time, but your mother should stay next to you and your child will be emotionally stable. Avoid near the windows or the entrance door walls. Recently, research has shown that electromagnetic waves inhibit the growth of brain cells. It is good to avoid near the electronics as much as the development of the body organs.

2. Points to note when managing your belly button

The skin of the newborn baby is dried because the baby is washed, so if you do not dry it after washing it, it will cause inflammation. Special care is required for body parts such as navel or armpits.

3. Precautions when applying powder

For children with sweat, apply the powder through the powder to prevent contact between the flesh. Some children may cause allergic reactions to the powder depending on the child.

4. Notes on choosing diapers

Some newborns are sensitive to the material of the diaper. In particular, disposable diapers contain chemicals that can damage the skin of a child. We recommend using cloth diapers. After boiling, it is dried and sun dried, so it can be used for sanitary use.

5. Do not take bath too often.

The reason why newborn babies do not often bathe is because the skin gets dry. If you do not have a lot of sweat, it is good for skin moisturizing of newborn babies to bath about 2-3 times a week. Especially for babies whose navel is not falling down, you should refrain from bathing in the tub.

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