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Childhood psychiatric disorder, in which attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity disorder appear before age 7, is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, this disorder can not only occur in children but also adults. If parents are suffering from ADHD, treatment of their parents as well as their children is very important.

Dr. Mark Stein, a clinical psychologist and director of the Seattle Children's Hospital's ADHD and related disability program (PEARL Clinic), has determined that family history plays an important role in ADHD, with 25% . The researchers also worried that the majority of parents who met the ADHD criteria and who had symptoms were still unaware of their ADHD symptoms. This seems to be due to the lack of understanding of adult ADHD and the prejudice or stigma it receives when diagnosed.

Learn about the symptoms and effects of adult ADHD and child ADHD, and how to mitigate them.

The impact of ADHD parents on their children

Even those who are suffering from ADHD may have difficulty teaching their children to their normal function and role as parents. Because it is not easy to have parenting, it is because burden and pressure can be significant in parents with symptoms.

She is still unable to recognize her symptoms and tries to keep up with child rearing and needs, but she lacks the necessary skills and is stressed to manage her schedule, behavior and other needs. Stain emphasized the treatment of these parents' depression, explaining that parental ADHD treatment can certainly help both children and parents.

One study found that parents with ADHD in particular are less likely to take care of their children with ADHD. Parents with similar disabilities may be able to interfere with the medical treatment that their child needs because they reveal their inadequate skills in all relevant processes, such as writing a child's prescription and conducting other insurance-related tasks .

If you are a normal parent, you should properly monitor and monitor your child's medication or other treatment program, but parents with ADHD are unlikely to be able to handle all of this properly.

Mother's ADHD Symptoms

Most ADHD sufferers do not recognize these symptoms until they are diagnosed correctly or until the next few years. The most common symptoms are inattentive behaviors rather than overactive and impulsive behaviors. Experts explained that women are less likely to be destructive and aggressive in their school days than men because they do not recognize symptoms properly. However, it is chronically confusing and disorganized.

Dr. David Anderson, a clinical psychologist and director of the ADHD and Behavioral Disorders Center at the Institute for Children's Psychiatry, says that mothers suffering from severe stress and doing all kinds of work in their work and family life suffer from anxiety and depression, Even if you do not see the lack of symptoms of anxiety and depression alone can not be a good life.

He also said that because these women are well aware of what they are supposed to do, they feel guilty and have negative feelings about what they can not do properly. But it's not easy to do it realistically. The best way to solve these problems is to teach them to logically manage what they have to do.

Experts advised parents with ADHD that if they were diagnosed correctly, they would be less guilty and less stressed. However, he pointed out that he was forced to struggle with work, home, and child rearing because he could not recognize the symptoms themselves.

Father's ADHD symptoms

It is also painful for a father to have symptoms of ADHD. This is because the role of father is a liability for itself because it has a large concept of being responsible for living in the house. Of course, having symptoms does not mean you can not maintain a good enough relationship with your child, but your health can interfere with your relationship with your child. And to prevent this, a lot of effort is needed.

The most common symptom is low self-esteem. However, if you have the will and will, you are likely to succeed, and you will be less stressed in your relationship with your child, and you can make a difference. For this, it is good to get accurate diagnosis and help first like mothers with ADHD. It is important to consult with a specialist to get proper treatment such as medication or anger management for symptoms, and to lead the right kindergartens through regular counseling with experienced therapists and counselors.

How ADHD parents express love to children with ADHD

The relationship between parents and children is very important in each other's life regardless of their health status. Parenting is very influential in changing a child's growth and life. Children who grow up without parents can be more difficult to live their lives than others.

Therefore, even if you are suffering from ADHD, you should give your child infinite love and affection and strengthen your bond. Encourage, encourage, convince, and help to develop good habits of your child. In order to do these things properly, it is important to learn the right way to give your child unconditional love and acceptance, and you should be aware that there is a relationship in which you can communicate with your child through this firm trust. This reminds the child that the parent is a dependable person.

In particular, you should refrain from cheating or defaming your child before others. Even if anger raises up to the head, it is better to wait until you are able to speak your situation objectively by first controlling your emotions instead of spitting out your words. This can reduce unnecessary conflicts with children and provide a sense of openness for smooth communication between parents and children.

Conversely, when your child has done the right thing, you should not give praise. Give your child more inspiration and express yourself so that you feel that you are being loved by yourself. Always make a positive statement and make a constructive criticism when you give your child a point.

Most importantly, spend as much time together as possible, so that your child can appreciate the time you spend with your parents. It is a good idea to help them learn self-help skills that can be helpful to children with ADHD and to set realistic goals that everyone can achieve and achieve. It is also important that you express your interest in your child's unique style and talent and lead them to be resilient. All of these can be a great help in raising a child's self-esteem, responsibility and independence.

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