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Activities such as playing with pets, walking around the neighborhood, and grooming make it more sticky between the owner and the pet, but reading books is more than that. Of course, reading a book to a puppy may sound strange, but it will not be so difficult if you know how to do it.

Read books to your pet

Most people do not realize that there are different kinds of pet programs being done. Reading books to pets, especially puppies, is a game that has already been done around the world. According to ABC News, Story Dogs is a program in Australia that connects children and puppies.

400 applicants visit their school with nearly 230 elementary schools for a week. They meet 2,000 children who lack reading skills, and children perform the Story Dogs program regardless of their ability to interfere with reading or the level of reading ability. Children are paired with puppies to read books or educational materials in a loud voice.

According to WJLA, the program for children and dogs is also held at the public library in Montgomery County. This program, called Read to a Dog, has a 10 to 15 minute reading time, paired with a child and a therapeutic dog. The Read to a Dog program is available at 13 Montgomery County Public Libraries and other reading programs for children and dogs are also being conducted in several countries. Both programs have shown tremendous results in which children continue to read books they read with puppies.

Promoting children's reading skills

Some children are timid and confident. This also affects reading time at school, and teachers in the Story Dogs program could see their children's reading skills improve most quickly. They say there is something special between a child and a dog. Children feel comfortable with their reading worries and feel they do not receive any evaluation of what they read to their dogs.

One of the teachers shared his observation. He recently said that a student's reading abilities rose from level 5 to level 18 after taking part in the Story Dogs program.

Anita Vassallo, director of the Montgomery County Public Library, commented on why the Read to a Dog program was successful. He said it was because the dogs did not evaluate. They do not correct children's mistakes and do not interfere with reading. Simply put, dogs are just giving them attention and love. Dogs do not give their opinions but just listen to what the child reads and spend time together. Often, they are interested in the pictures in the book.

Good win-win program for everyone

Participants in these programs talk about the benefits they have experienced. Children became better readers and more confident. The speed with which I read the book developed first, and later I got the correct pronunciation. Dogs can see and interact with their children as they read books. It also learns that dogs must behave correctly in this situation.

Dogs that come with the owner in this program should be evaluated before entering the school or by the child. Dogs need to know how to respond to commands because they can eat or make them loud, or strangers can touch the dog. Therefore, no one can participate in this program.

Most dogs participating in this program are therapeutic dogs. The owners of these dogs say they feel rewarded for their puppy participation in a successful program. Applicants participating in the program need not be veterinarians, police officers dealing with dogs, or specialists in this area. If you only want to teach your dog how to behave around your children, you can participate.

This program is also beneficial to teachers. △ time, △ workload △ resources. As these programs show dramatic improvements, the teacher can figure out how to improve the child's reading abilities and can think about more ways. Experts want this program to run with other pets as well. If you are keeping a pet at home, why do not you try reading the book together?

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