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It is difficult to raise special children. Unlike normal children, they are emotionally and psychologically sensitive, so parents should be careful and try hard to keep their child's emotions day by day. If you are a persistent parent for your child every day, take some advice on the Parenting Law for Special Children.

From 1960 to 19880, most health professionals urged parents to send their children to special institutions as soon as a special child was born. "In those days, I had no choice but to send my child home," Beth Moran, director of development-related departments, said in an interview with the media "Wicked Local Media Solutions."

Anne Tucker Roberts, who lives in Seattle, Massachusetts, USA, publishes a book titled "Five Courageous Women: Mothers Who Raise Down Syndrome," a story about five mothers who raise Down syndrome children, Five women are said to be pioneers in the role of parents in raising special children. Anne Tucker Roberts praised the five mothers, saying, "I have the courage to think of myself as a mother, and I do not know if I can do this."

Role of Special Child Parents

Special children live with us, and we need a lot of patience and understanding to take care of them. According to the "Family Circle" of the childcare medium, 3 million children who are old enough to go to school are physically or mentally disabled. Special children and parents make great efforts to adapt to the general society, but sometimes they feel they are not welcome.

The Act on Special Child Care, Pairing, is the same as raising other children. According to reporter Jamie Chattin of the parenting media "Parnels", fairering means the way every parent cares for the child, including the good points, the bad points, the nurturing methods, and the children's youth. He also notes that special child and general child care may be similar, but unlike most children who can stand on their own, special children continue to need parental protection.

Parents of special children know that there are many difficulties, such as extreme mental suffering of a child, physical assistance to a child. She also knows how to express her emotions and how to explain them. ▲ Sudden emotional explosion ▲ Anxiety ▲ Sensuality problem ▲ No communication ● Some children may have to come out of the meeting urgently because of the child showing behavior.

Parents still want the child to grow up well. This is because the behavior is everyday and the child's feelings are fully understood.

It is also the parents of special children who are happy and joyful to raise children. Dennis Brody, author of The Elephant in the playroom, is the father of a special child. Encourage your son to be okay even if he is not ordinary, and tell his thoughts about the normal category, how he and his son are doing.

Most parents' time is packed with the things they need to care for their children, such as screening and treatment. ▲ doctor ▲ expert ▲ therapist ▲ spend much time discussing with your teacher what you need. Sometimes they share ideas with other parents who are in the same situation, talk about what they have lived with each other, share what they learn, and establish relationships.

Others look at special children as if they are observing, sometimes look strangely like aliens, or they can not communicate with words, so they follow children who express behavior and tease that they are retarded. But parents and doctors do their best to their children. Take them to a special education program, teach them what they need, and develop ways and talents to speak.

Better ways to teach special children

According to an Encomium article, Nigerian First Lady Eishabuhari claimed that the person or institution that cares for a special child should use the new method of education to treat the child. Buhari collaborated with the Eisakbuhari Foundation and the non-profit Nika Project in the United States, where special child-care specialists have taught Nigerian teachers how to use the latest technologies and strategies for special needs children's education.

Dan Phillips, who claimed that special children needed other tools to build their knowledge because they needed other education than ordinary children, praised Buhari's actions.

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