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[Parenting] Hot summer, indoor activities with kids


July is the start of a full-scale holiday season, and it is also a hot summer day. In this case, I can stay at home comfortably and watch my favorite drama or a book I have not read in the meantime. Children who have arrived on vacation can also relax at home.

Rather than moving outside hot, you can take a nap while resting at home. But if you go to sleep all day or leave without doing anything, it will be a waste of time.

"Instead of just watching TV all day, let's prepare for family activities."

Parents who are on vacation or parents who are on vacation can spend their time watching TV at home. But there is a way to have fun more than ever. Parant 24, a childcare specialist, said, "It is not necessary to spend dramatically during the holiday season. Parents can help their children to have fun. "

1. Create a fun home video

If your child likes a movie theater, you can help them shoot a scene in their favorite movie or movie. If the child is very young, it is good for the parents to film the child's daily life. If you are not interested in this activity, you can introduce the video blog on the Internet and find interesting videos. It is not necessary to upload images taken with your child. Just take it out again next time.

2. Artists play

It is the most representative activity that can be done indoors which can bring up creativity. Especially, it is an ideal game to play with your family on a rainy day. It is a perfect opportunity to make DIY furniture together or repair old notebooks and school teaching materials. You can paint or decorate your child's bedroom.

3. Baking & Cooking

The perfect way to spend time with your child is to prepare meals together. If you are hungry, you can teach your child how to bake their favorite chocolate chip cookies. Cooking or baking is an interesting leisure activity, but it also gives you an opportunity to realize the importance of food because it can tell you how difficult it is to prepare food. It is good to do dishes and clean after cooking.

4. Finding Indoor Treasures

It is a very creative indoor activity for the whole family, and it can be a team play. Hiding things and then finding them can make the kids fall into the mystery charm. In the example given by Parant 24, a treasure hunt topic can be set. They create a map of the house and let the children find hidden treasures along the map. If you make a top prize for someone who can not find the treasure, everyone can enjoy it.

5. Talent show

It is an activity to see hidden talents such as singing and dancing. Dancing or singing is the most common talent, but other talents can be shown. Your child will feel confident in this activity and will be able to take advantage of their talents.

6. Making Indoor Herb Garden

You can see the daily growth of plants in the indoor environment. The advantage is that you can often get to the plants indoors without going outside.

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