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Children who have been released from school as a vacation season. However, if the school is near a month later, it can be a nightmare for homework again. Here are some ways parents can encourage their children to enjoy and enjoy their homework.


Most importantly, enjoy homework. Therefore, I would like to make wallpaper or desk in the room where I study with pencil or pen, etc. to decorate it neatly and to recognize it as a room for funny play rather than studying.

It is also a way to give a reward if you do your homework well. Some do not advocate this, but once you get the right rewards, you can be an effective choice. Instead of having a snack or playing a game, for example, you have the additional time to watch TV or do other fun games. This may not be the best method, but it is more efficient than the worse compensation method.

It is also good for psychological rewards to praise or encourage material rewards. Children usually do homework on a regular basis almost daily, so if you continue to receive praise, doing homework can be fun and not hateful.

It is good to make homework one day one by putting specific time to do in daily schedule. This can make homework a part of the day rather than a big thing. Also, let 's make a snack time before homework time and create a good atmosphere in advance.

Rather than letting them do homework right after leaving school, letting them designate their own time can also give them responsibility and keep them from getting stressed. After coming home, you may want to take a break or start doing other things first, but it is not helpful to force homework at this time.

In addition, Dr. Eric J. Garber proposed several ways for parents to motivate their children to do homework.

The most important thing is to understand children. It is time to use the meeting with the teacher to ask students what they want. You should also ask questions positively about your child's homework, tests, and assessments, and get information about your life at school. If you have a sense of school life, it is recommended that you create a schedule to manage your child's homework. If you have a lot of homework, you can use your schedule to make time management effective.

Debbie Finch, a mental health counselor, also advised parents to let their parents do homework without scolding or admonishing their children.

Pincus explained that many children did not do their homework, forgotten or forgot to submit it, or did not seriously think about it, so they did not even study and did not even take the exam. But at this time, parents think they can no longer control their children, pointing out that they give sons or give up on their children, or parents do homework on their behalf.

But these methods can never be a solution. Parents need to be aware that children can not do their homework in this situation and respect their actions and decisions. Instead, it is wise to remind children of past homework assignments and to find motivation to study.

It also does not help to create controversy with homework. You should choose a way to help your children do homework while focusing on their study or other things. Also, it is good to do the homework at the place where everyone uses it such as the living room of the house, and to make a weekend plan or to do other things after finishing the homework.

Pincus explained that parents usually think that their children are not interested in their grades, but they are not, and that they want to get good grades in school. Therefore, it is important to create motivation to raise the desire for such a rise.

However, there is no need to take everything from beginning to end to help your children do their homework. Pincus pointed out that parents should be guided in helping their children with their homework and that they should be overly helped with homework. He added that it is necessary to have an attitude that helps children to fulfill their tasks by refraining from thinking that they can not fulfill their responsibilities due to areas they can not do themselves.

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