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[Parenting] Happiness is up to you.

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Happiness exists in many ways in many places. Even if you are single, you can still be happy and no one can take away your happiness.

Many people misunderstand the life of a single. People think there is something wrong with them.

People misunderstand that a single is not enough to be loved by someone. Sometimes people are constantly criticized until they acknowledge their faults.

Gabriela Herstik, a Latin cultural writer for HelloGIggles, teaches how to love herself.

Herstick initially thought he had something wrong with him. But she filled her with what she wanted and taught her how to love herself.

Passion, resentment, and boldness also discouraged her because she had a bad influence on love between men and women.

But then she found out that she had to accept all of this as herself.

"The first thing my mother taught me is that in order to love someone else, I have to love myself," Herstogic said.

There are many kinds of love in the world. Romantic love is just one of them. Herstick found a more special love from her twin sister.

Her best friend, Sister, supported and encouraged her. This relationship helped her grow. Herstic stressed, "Find people who understand you."

"It is a journey that is not a destination, but accepting mistakes and imperfection, and realizing that you are not perfect, is the beginning of your journey to love yourself," she said.

Like Herstick, we have to grow. Since life is ours rather than standards established by society, we must do our own happiness.

Becka Martin, author of the Thought Catalog, said, "Live the life of your own value, not the old life guideline you want."

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