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The soft and soft hair of a cat is charming in itself. Unless you are a Sphinx cat without any hair. But even if the sphinx is not your cat, it turns into a furry cat, and even if your body reveals where you should have hair? Let's take serious action immediately.

Cat hair loss phenomenon

Hair loss of a cat is a common phenomenon. It is evidence even if there are traces of hair left in all parts of the house. It usually occurs around the head and neck, thighs, abdomen, and back and sides, usually caused by parasites such as fleas, swallows, and ticks. It can also cause food allergies, bacterial and fungal infections, metabolic problems, pregnancy and even hair loss. In addition, several factors are added as follows.

1. Hyperthyroidism: If you lose weight or stop grooming, you may suspect this symptom. You may also feel thirsty excessively, take a lot of urination, eat or eat something else, all of which can improve your condition with medication or radioactive iodine treatment.

2. Lowered Thyroid Hypothyroidism: Contrary to hyperthyroidism, thyroid hormone is not well formed and the level of thyroid hormone is decreased. As with hypertension, it can cause hair loss and reduce weight.

3. Cystic fibrosis: refers to a skin disease of the purulent excessive scratching or bite the skin is a symptom of bacterial degeneration. In addition to the progression of hair loss in certain areas, pus may also appear in a hardened area.

4. Ditch ticks: Caused by mite ticking into the cat's body. In this case, the cat feels extreme itching.

5. Ringworm: A form of fungal infection, which causes a fungus to infect the hair with round spots.

6. Cat endocrine hair loss: A rare symptom associated with hormone levels. If you are suffering from this disease, you will have hair loss around your abdomen, inside legs, and genital area.

7. Psychotic hair loss: A type of obsessive-compulsive disorder that can occur when a cat is excessively groomed. Along with hair loss, some cats exhibit abnormal behaviors that pull their hair directly.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Symptom perception

Jennifer Lavallee, a veterinarian, explained that cat hair loss is normal and that there are two cycles of hair loss per year. The cats' turnover patterns are different, and there are cats with very few hairs, while some cats suffer from hair loss very much.

However, if the underlying skin of the cat is red, rather than white, or rugged and inflamed, it could be a symptom of hair loss. You may also suspect hair loss symptoms if you are vomiting or pulling a bunch of hair. Even if you do not see hairy marks often in your house, you should not assume that there is no hair loss because the cat can eat hair while grooming.

In fact, healthy cats have no change in the texture of the hair. It is generally clean, soft and uniform in shape. If a cat looks sharp as if it chewed its hair, then you should also suspect signs of hair loss. If you are under stress, suffering from disease or parasites, cats will over-groom or pull hair.

Treatment and prevention

If you have already seen signs of alopecia, you should realize that your cat is suffering now and bring it to your veterinarian immediately. Or you can try some simple ways to improve at home.

First of all, it is good to change to a protein-rich diet, but salmon or turkey is suitable. It is more effective to add vitamins E and B. However, some veterinarians claim that fish fed with fish may cause hyperthyroidism.

In addition to diet improvement, vaccination should prevent hair loss as well as potential disease. It is also important to keep your body clean with a bath. Experts advised that brushes should also be of high quality.

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