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Every parent lives with a sense of responsibility. One of them is to raise children properly. Positive reinforcement can encourage your child to do his / her best.

Effect of positive reinforcement

According to the results of the study, positive reinforcement is more effective for children than negative reinforcement. When parents treat their children with affection, care, love, and warmth, their relationship with their children is better. Improves communication with your child, improves your child's self-esteem, grades, and coping abilities and reduces the likelihood of your child doing bad behavior.

When parents are raised in a positive reinforcement manner, the child is more likely to grow up to be self-confident, to behave properly. Therefore, parents must learn a positive reinforcement process. Positive reinforcement requires patience and attention to the child.

Positive Strengthening Methods

For positive reinforcement, it is important for parents to maintain consistency in behavior and attitudes toward their children. Parents should make positive reinforcement a habit.

Admitting Your Child's Good Behavior : Most parents tend to point out that their child made a mistake and treat him too rudely when scolding a child. Do not forget to explain why your child is doing the wrong thing, but also give a compliment about what the child did well. When you give praise, you must also explain what you did well. Children want to receive parental attention, whether good or bad. Therefore, it is good to praise and encourage good behavior.

Maintaining Consistency in Vocabulary and Behavior: Since children learn and learn from their parents, it is very important how parents treat their children. Parents should be accountable for all words and behaviors, and be consistent in words and actions in order to gain the trust of their children. It is difficult to establish a healthy relationship with your child if the words and actions of the parents are incompatible. If parents are good role models for their children, they will respect their parents.

Use positive words often: Parental words affect your child's thoughts, feelings, and behavior. If you often use positive words such as praise, recognition, encouragement, your child gains strength. Also, when expressing love and concern for a child, the child thinks of himself positively.

Communicating based on mutual respect: Misunderstandings and conflicts between parents and children are common. Sometimes parents hurt their children because they do not know how to communicate properly with their children. How to solve problems with your child is very important. We need to respect and communicate with each other, and both parents and children should be free to express their thoughts in order to solve problems. Parents should listen to their child's words so that they do not inappropriately express their complaints.

Types of positive reinforcement

There are many types of positive reinforcement, but it is good to choose the right situation and the type that suits your child. Young children may like candy, but this may not work for young people.

Natural reinforcers: appear as a direct result of certain behaviors. Children who have good grades are good at homework and do pre-study. Because you are sincere, you will get good grades at school.

Social reinforcers: A way of recognizing and praising a child's behavior. It is good to say that "I am doing very well at school" in acknowledging my efforts.

Tangible reinforcers: This is a way of expressing your child physically or compensating for the type of substance your child wants, such as candy, toys, and snacks. However, careful approach is necessary because excessive compensation may cause children to always be compensated.

Token reinforcers: An example of a "praise sticker" is a way to give points when a child has completed an action or has performed a good deed. Children can get compensation when they collect certain points. Some parents use these points when they teach their children to do housework. The more points you collect, the better way to reward them.

Parents should teach their children values ​​and principles with their child's role model. Let's be a loving parent that your child wants and needs through positive reinforcement.

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