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[Parenting] Relationship between lovers and age difference


Many age differences in dating have been common since ancient times. Many celebrities and selves are often seen as having an age of love.

Dating has been around for a long time and is now commonplace internationally. In some cultures, marriage with a younger woman is universally considered, provided that the man supports his wife and children.

In addition, older men prefer younger women who can fertilize, while younger women prefer older men because of their financial and social status.

This preference does not change much to this day. Economic power and appearance are still one of the biggest factors in choosing a lover. Women still want to meet a man who is older than them.

However, women who are in the age of marriage, often called "gold misses," often dream of romance with young men.

A couple with a lot of age usually lives a normal life, but sometimes gets the same stare as homosexuality and international marriage couples.

In the West, an older man who marries a young woman is often called a 'cradle snatcher' and is often pointed at child abuse.

On the other hand, I often use the term 'gold digger' for older men and married young women. On the other hand, older women dating younger men are often considered to be satisfied with their bedding.

However, most couples with large age differences overcome these misunderstandings and are living with each other as the best partner. For example, most women are attracted to people with "

On the other hand, a woman can live a happy life with a younger man than her. Marianne Bright, who has a relationship with her younger sister, first met Christopher Farrkur, a freshman student, before her high school graduation.

Mariann describes him as a "mature soul," and Christopher said, "I respect my opinion and value my opinion." In addition, his playful personality makes him more comfortable and enjoys life.

In conclusion, the present society should look at the nature of gender relations instead of looking at numbers. There is no different age relationship, no one has the right to criticize and direct them.

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