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Animal Planet, an American animal television station, successfully hit its first Dog Bowl on Thursday. Dogball is a version of the American football game Super Bowl. The station has already run a Puppy Bowl with puppies that are less than five months old, but this is the first time they have played against older dogs.

Dog ball

Dogs participating in dog balls are more than 2 years old, and like Puppy Ball, they are friends from shelters all over the United States. Included are dogs whose families were lost or isolated and sent to shelter because of natural disasters that swept the United States last year.

Jill Rapaport, who hosted the dogball, explained that this event is a great opportunity for older puppies that are difficult to adopt, unlike cute puppies. Rapaport also has six rescued dogs, four of which are aged dogs. Because of this enthusiasm, Rafaput admits that he has a voice for animals that can not be talked about. In fact, puppies at all shelters need a powerful voice for themselves. Especially for older dogs.

It was only after he saw small puppies playing at Puppy Bowl that he was planning Dogball. Rafapot, who also ran Puppy Ball's "Pup Close and Personal" corner, said old dogs had a Dogball idea as they thought it would be nice to get a spotlight on the playground, like a Puppy.

In fact, dogs living in shelters live up to 15 years of age, so they have to take many opportunities in life. Adoption is relatively difficult, however, and some dogs end their lives in shelters. Therefore, it is not right to not have a chance simply because it is not a baby. Rafapot said he hopes the potential guardians of dog balls will accept older dogs.

Misunderstandings about older dogs

Rafapot said that the biggest misunderstanding that people have about older dogs is the misunderstanding. For example, he was already six or seven years old when he first adopted the dachshund tug-ruby Ruby on his Dogballs, but he was proud of the energy he's been using six years later. .

The most important part of Rapaport is not to care about the age of the dog. He emphasized that puppies can be adopted and become new puppies when they meet new family members and receive love and affection. At first, the people who hesitated to adopt the old dogs because they would soon die are now thought to be much healthier and more active than the older dogs thought.

The most important consideration when adopting an older dog is to ensure that it best matches the caregiver. Protectors who want adoption should choose a puppy that matches their lifestyle, disposition, and occupation. Rafapot has been sitting all day in a small apartment and advised that those who live in a static are not fit for energy and running dogs.

Friends from Houston

Among the dogs participating in the Puppy Bowl and Dog Bowl are Tyler and Teddy from Houston. They were all rescued by the shelter group Shaggy Dog Rescue, which was founded by Kathy Wetmore a decade ago.

When Wetmore opened the shelter, he planned to protect less than 10 birds a year. However, the number of puppies continues to increase, and now more than 250 dogs a year are on the rise. The cost of operating the shelter is also increasing. Currently, he is raising the profits earned by running as a real estate agent.

Tyler and Teddy came to Houston last year with hurricane Harvey. Until now, the recovery has not yet been completed, and more dogs are expected to find shelter.

Puppy Bowl

The popularity of Puppy Ball, which has been around since Doggol, remains the same. Even Dan Schachner, who had been playing for referee in the last seven years at Puppy Bowl, praised the judging at Puppy Bow as a "dream job". He also said that the only way to give up this job would be to hand them over to their children. Before he worked at Puppy Bowl, he appeared in several animal related programs and made his name known.

Since its debut in 2005, Puppy Ball has been steadily loved by many people.

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